For a nitrous oxide system to achieve its best the bottle needs to be at its optimum pressure

of 900 to 1000 psi. With our typical English weather this is usually achieved by heating

the bottle, but until now this was often a matter of guesswork.

DEi/Ny-Trex has introduced a combined bottle heater and pressure regulator to accurately control nitrous bottle pressure and heat the bottles for safe, trouble-free use.

The Accu-Pressure system features an adjustable pressure switch that accurately sets bottle

pressure before use. A mica-band heating element quickly and efficiently heats the bottle in half the time of traditional silicone, blanket-style heating elements, More >


GKD Sportscars has recently appointed a new dealer in Sion, Switzerland, via an operation called Garage VRC, run by Dominique Torrent, a long-established company who specialise in general automotive repairs.

Garage VRC will be supplying the capable BMW-based Legend model to the Swiss domestic market and has already sold several kits and complete examples.

More information from or for the UK manufacturer, ENDS.


This new component from Webcon is aimed primarily at Aston Martins, Ferraris and Maseratis that use the Weber fuel injection filter type FI02 in their EFi systems. Now Webcon can offer the genuine Weber type FI02 fuel injection (part WFF213) filter as a separate item, although it can also be used with aftermarket EFI applications.

It is a fully sealed unit, with a lightweight aluminium alloy casing and filters down to ten microns to ensure no contamination reaches the fuel injectors.

WFF213 is 130mm long and has a diameter of 58mm with an inlet connection of M14 x 1.5 and outlet M12 More >


As a big fan of Scalextric, it made a huge impact on my formative years, I was delighted – nay, deliriously happy – to receive this superb new Scalextric mug adorned with sixties box cover art. It comes from those purveyors of innovative automobilia-related items –

You can really be a kid again everytime you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Hey, but why stop there. What about camomile, green, Darjeeling, beetroot and ginger et al..? This mugnwill appeal to all!

It costs a reasonable £7 and is available from or at the other end of 01865 883 061 ENDS.

More >


Holden Vintage and Classic is known for their vast array of tasteful automotive products and accessories and their new range of Lucas-style toggle switches will appeal to kitcar enthusaists.

Nothing looks more period-correct than proper switchgear in your replica or traditional roadster type kit than these Bakelite switches, but there’s more to these than just meets the eye.

Holden has upgraded them to be compatible with modern electrics and they won’t unduly load-up your electrical system, while of course, will look the part.

A variety of types are available from the Bromyard-based company with prices starting at £7 with more information from or More >


With a seeming renaissance of interest in the Ford Pinto engine for kitcar use, there’s plenty of companies offering tuning parts for the unit.


West Midlands operation, H&H Ignition Solutions has now solved the problem of a lack of a suitable distributor for the venerable old stalwart and the company has recently launched an electronic version with a billet aluminium casing and high performance ignition coil.

Available in a choice of three colours – aluminium, red and blue – each dizzy is produced to suit the customer’s application and all points of tune from bog standard to highly strung can More >


New Rocket heavy duty four-speed gearbox from Tran-X improves the Ford ‘box’s known weak points and is rated to 270bhp featuring increased gear sizes, all running on ‘caged’ needle roller bearings, while it utilises Tran-X’s new beefy main shaft with larger spigot bearing.

The lay-gear is also of the ‘caged’ type and the gearbox is more efficient with better reliability at higher rpm with a stronger third to fourth gear ‘hub’ area, a known hotspot on Rocket ‘boxes.

All gears have oil holes pre-drilled into them, with grooves cut into the lay-shaft bores thus forcing oil to the gear teeth where it More >


Charging mobile and in-car devices can place a lot of demand on your 12v socket and instead of having to choose which mobile product to charge, multisockets, provide an instant adaptor, providing extra 12v sockets and USB connections for phones and music players.

Ring Automotive has introduced three new multisockets for additional in-car power designed to provide a sophisticated solution to keeping all your gadgets working that have a new feature engineered by Ring Automotive, which is the Micro USB retractable tip to charge smartphones, all new models of mobile phones (exception Apple) and most satnavs. This provides easy, simple, effective More >


RAVENOL, one of the largest independent oil and lubricant manufacturers in Germany, is to enter the UK market with its new distributor, German Oil Limited. RAVENOL specialise in developing and manufacturing high performance oils and lubricants for the automotive, motorsport and motorcycle markets, as well as producing diverse products for agriculture, commercial vehicle, industrial, and marine applications.

RAVENOL’s UK distributor, German Oil Limited, is run by an experienced management team headed by Brian Chase and Dave Mott who have more than 30-years combined experience in the oil and lubricant industry.

Dave Mott, Sales Director of German Oil Limited commented: “We are delighted More >


The Ford Duratec 16 aka known as the Sigma or even, Zetec SE, has proven to be a popular power unit for kit and specialist car enthusiasts and leading kitcar manufacturer, Tiger Racing, has just announced a bellhousing to allow the 1.6-litre Sigma to be mated to a Ford Type 9 gearbox that, as a bonus, accepts the standard cable clutch.

The new Tiger ensemble costs £190.80 inc VAT.

More information from ENDS.