The Journey 1 by Hyndsight Vision Systems is a lightweight, fully wireless camera and monitor unit that can be used to assist rear vision and manoeuvering when towing any kind of trailer or caravan.

Supplied as a complete kit the Journey 1 includes: a wireless sunlight readable monitor, a wide angle camera with a non-fish-eyed view, two flush mounts, an antenna set and two chargers all in a protective case.

For those towing larger trailers, up to three additional cameras can be paired to one monitor allowing for a full 360° view. The monitor will work up to nearly 100-metres away from More >


The old Moss Europe website has performed valiantly over the years and like any favourite classic many people have come to love it. We had the same situation some years ago when the comfy old pair of shoes that was the original totalkitcar website design was definitely becoming unwieldy and needed a refresh.

Moss felt that their website, like any well-used cherished vehicle, was showing signs of wear and tear and in need of a major restoration. Ecommerce technology has developed at an incredible pace and Moss wanted to bring their customers the best website-experience possible.

The new Moss Europe site uses More >


Miniature racing vehicles are ten a penny, although a new arrival from Bilstein could interest scale model collectors and general motorsport fans alike.

Working closely with of Herpa Miniaturmodelle GmbH, Bilstein has produced a 1:87-scale model of one of their motorsport trucks as a high-quality collectors model true to the last detail. In its original size, the Mercedes-Benz Actros LH MP2, with a special assembly for conference and workshop areas, provides on-site support to numerous teams and racing drivers.

The high-quality collector’s piece is available in the famous colours of blue and yellow for €38.27 via the Bilstein fanshop at www.bilstein.de/fanshop ENDS.

More >


Performance 1 Coatings is a new ceramic coating specialist based in Witney, Oxfordshire.

The new advanced ceramic coating effectively reduces exhaust surface temperatures, with a whole host of benefits. These include reduced engine bay temperatures, protection for vulnerable components, located nearby, reduced cabin temperatures, exhaust corrosion resistance, plus increased exhaust gas temperatures for higher velocity. So it offers all of the benefits of a traditional exhaust wrap but with a far more durable and attractive finish.

Performance 1 Coatings has also launched a new service just for tailpipes, silencers or finishers. This gives heat protection for the rear bumper with a More >


Ian Hammond's stunning GBS Zero GT

A recent trend at Ollerton-based Great British Sports Cars has seen a growing number of customers for their Zero kits have been choosing the new painted option that typically adds around £1500 to the budget for a top class finish.

One such customer is Ian Hammond, who after a couple of years enjoyment in his Zero GT (bigger dimensions over standard package) in standard gelcoat finish with striking aluminium panels. However, just prior to Christmas he sent his car back to the GBS factory for a festive freshen-up…he’s kept his Gulf-inspired livery, but has now chosen More >


A first for Caterham Cars this week as they are attending the renowned Barrett-Jackson car auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. Together with its American importer Superformance, the company will be exhibiting its range of models during the eight-day event.

With increasing demand for the iconic Seven after its official USA launch in 2014, Caterham joins the spectacular exhibition at the prestigious auctions of vintage and modern cars. Caterham will display a line-up of three models, including the Seven 280, Seven 480 and Seven 620R.

Caterham Cars has well-established race series in the UK, France and Colombia, and now the company aspires to expand More >


Omex Technology celebrates 20-years in 2015...left to right Andrew Cornock (technical boffin!), Helen Wragg, Richard Wragg and business development manager, Simon Joyce.

Omex Technology purveyors of fine ECUs, engines and related products has a few things to celebrate in 2015, with a new business development manager, in the shape of former Jenvey man, Simon Joyce.

Plenty of developments with the company’s range of Ford Duratec and Zetec engines with all manner of options and strengths available to suit all sorts of applications. The line-up kicks-off with a 2-litre Focus-spec unit, moving to Duratec 2-litre, a VVC version of the Duratec and a More >


Dunno about you, but screenwash is a product that’s easy to forget and neglect but if you haven’t got any on a winter day especially, a dirty windscreen that you can’t get clean, will spoil your driving enjoyment.

I’ve tried every product known to man. Most have a horrid chemical smell, are too concentrated and/or leave the ‘screen smeary. Hopeless. I even tried shoving malt vinegar in the washer bottle once. Well, it works on your windows at home but not on a car windscreen.

It kept making me hungry though as I had a compulsion to buy some chips every time More >


Carbon fibre maestros, Tillett Seats was at the Autosport International show last weekend, with a large cross-section of their range. Among the items on display was a special example of their B4 seat.

A customer has ordered the B4 in a striking Gulf Oil livery for his seats, while another has ordered a pair for their living room. The addition of the bespoke colours adds around £240 inc VAT to the basic cost of the B4 at £759.60 inc VAT.

More information on all things Tillett from www.tillett.co.uk or 01795 420 312 ENDS.


Dremel has kicked-off the new year with a raft of new and improved initiatives to help its users power on with their projects in 2015.

Dremel has improved its 8200 cordless multitool with enhanced runtime and less downtime (faster charging) allowing the user to perform heavier duty applications. The tool now contains a compact and powerful 2.0Ah 10.8V Li-ion battery, a high power 36mm electric motor to ensure ease of cutting, a slide speed switch providing full variable speed control up to 30,000 RPM.

It also has a motor-brake to ensure that the accessory on the tool stops spinning immediately after switching More >