news_foliatecBrake calipers come in for more than their fair share of abuse, having to cope with high temperatures and damaging brake dust, which is why they tend to show their age quicker than most other automotive parts.

There have been brake caliper paints on the market for renovating or protecting calipers for some time but for best results something tougher than standard paint is required – but that comes with its own problems.

Stove enamel needs to be heated in an oven (not your cooker, for gawd sake! – Ed!) to cure and two-pack paint is too toxic to use at home. Now, German styling specialist Foliatec has developed a brush-applied two-pack paint that is tough enough to be used on brake calipers and is safe to be used in your garage.

Foliatec Brake Lacquer comes in complete kits that include a wire brush for cleaning, a can of brake cleaning spray, the paint and activator plus a brush, mixing pot, stirring stick and rubber gloves – in short everything you will need for the job so you won’t need to hunt around the garage to find stuff.

These kits are ideal for protecting and renovating calipers on road, race and classic cars as well as motorcycles and come in matt, black and matt red. Gloss colours are also available and include red, yellow, blue, black, green. orange, white, light blue, lime green, bright blue and purple.

Metallic finishes include purple, gold, gunmetal, bronze, aluminium and light silver. Kits retail at £27.99. Three neon colours are also available – Neon Green, Neon Red and Neon Yellow, which retail at £29.99.

Extra application kits (gloves, stir stick, mixing cup and brush) are available at just £5.49 and a kit is sufficient to coat four brake calipers (or two calipers and two brake drums) and when cured the paint is resistant to chemicals, corrosion, oil and the normal brake heat range.

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