news_cmp_oil_pump_driveThe Oil Pump Drive on the MGB can be a source of problems, particularly on highly tuned race engines that are running aftermarket cams.

The tolerances on the original one-piece drive varied considerably; which means that the drive that an aftermarket cam was designed to match might not be the same as the drive in another MGB engine.

This mis-match causes excessive wear on both the drive gear and the gear on the cam and this can quickly reduce an expensive race camshaft to scrap. In certain cases this has even happened on the dyno before the new engine was even fitted in to the car!

Now, Cambridge Motorsport Parts has come up with a solution. Their new drive is made in two pieces – a brand new hardened steel shaft with a bronze gear locked onto it. The softer bronze gear will wear to the shape of the cam gear without causing damage to the cam shaft. In the event of excessive wear the bronze gear can be removed and replaced leaving the more expensive camshaft intact.

The hardened steel shaft retails at £71.76 inc VAT and the replaceable bronze gear retails at just £59.40 inc VAT – which is far cheaper than replacing a race camshaft!

More information from 01462 684 300 or visit ENDS.