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Mini Spares is pleased to announce it can once again supply its exclusive Rose Petal 4¾in  x 10 alloy wheels.

The Mini Spares Rose Petal is a faithful reproduction of the classic 1960s wheel.

The modern wheels benefit from Mini Spares’ own tooling; top specification compound materials and heat treatment make them suitable for FIA Historic race use as well as road cars.

Rose Petal wheels easily clear Mini Spares C-AJJ4023 four-pot alloy calipers with the solid Cooper S discs when the supplied spacers are used. (If vented discs are used shorter bleed nipples and extra wheel spacers will be required).

Each wheel is supplied More >


Machine Mart’s range of Clarke Green Garage/Workshop units are very popular with kitcar enthusiasts looking to protect their pride and joy, or with those who want some extra workspace without the costs involved with building or extending a permanent structure.

The biggest garage currently available in the range is the Clarke CIG81224, measuring 24ft in length and 12ftin wide, however, that is soon about to change …

Available soon, Clarke is adding two SUPERSIZED models, measuring 32ft and 40ft long, respectively! These two models are designed for use with much larger vehicles such as vans, boats, camper vans and coaches.

The Clarke CIG1432 More >


DEI has just added heat resistant Knitted Sleeves to its range of titanium heat protection products.

The sleeves are available in two different pre-cut lengths – 30.48cm (12in) and 60.96cm (24in).

The knitted sleeves are designed to fit around – and insulate – exhaust pipes to prevent the transfer of heat to surrounding components and the passenger compartment.

They are also ideal protection against burns from kitcars and trucks with exposed exhausts.

The DEI Titanium Knitted Sleeves have a maximum temperature rating of 1800o F (approx. 982oC) with a continuous rating of 1382oF (750oC).

The Titanium Knitted Sleeves are designed to fit 4in (10.16cm) O.D. More >


Burton Power has announced that it can now provide alloy rocker covers for the Ford Essex V6 engine.

The rocker covers come in a natural alloy finish but are suitable for painting if preferred. (Burton also stocks the appropriate engine paint, incidentally).

The design features polished ribs and the ‘ESSEX – V6’ legend. (‘Ford’ isn’t mentioned, so these rocker covers would be equally at home on other Essex V6-powered marques such as Gilbern, Marcos, Reliant and TVR in addition to lots of kitcars.

Order as part number FV430F at £192.50 per pair.

More information at the other end of 0208 554 2281 or by More >


The Triumph Spitfire/MG Midget 1500 engine is a unit that responds well to tuning. An essential modification is the addition of a pair of Weber DCOE carburettors.

Webcon has announced the introduction of a superb quality, UK-manufactured intake manifold and linkage set to suit this engine, which allows for the fitment of a pair of 40 DCOE carburettors.

The new manifold set is available as part number MW3806 priced at £459.45 inc VAT or as a complete package with a pair of genuine Spanish Weber 40DCOE carburettors as part number PMG201 priced at £1263.47 inc VAT.

Available now from 01932 787 100 or More >


Back in stock at Car Builder Solutions are the kitcar builder’s favourite rocker-type switches and the RSVA rocker switch panel to house them in, should you wish.

The panel itself measures 225mm x 47.3mm and all switches are either rocker or three-way type and IVA-compliant. Rather handily all – including the housing panel – are priced at £9.60 inc VAT each. You can choose from sixteen separate switches including hazard, main beam, interior light, fog light, fan, wiper and washers. 

Terminals, sold in packs of five are also available at just £1 per pack.

More from or call 01580 891 309 ENDS.

More >


The daily challenge faced by mechanics surrounding what WD-40® Specialist product best suits their task in hand is now a whole lot easier following its decision to mirror its iconic and instantly recognisable blue and yellow cans.

The company has recently undergone a complete brand facelift of its specialist range after listening to professionals from all sectors who heaped praise on the actual nine products but asked for a greater standout with a crystal clear identity so they can be instantly identifiable against products from lesser-known brands.

As a direct response, WD-40® created a more coherent look across its entire Specialist range, More >


Ring Automotive has launched the SmartCharge Pro, a versatile, 30A battery charger suitable for intensive use across mixed vehicle fleets.

The 2.6kg, 12/24V-output compatible power supply rapidly recharges with variable rates of 5, 10, 20 and 30 amps, allowing technicians to charge batteries quickly.

Featuring a large LCD screen and diagnostic modes to check for potential battery and alternator problems before charging, Ring’s portable charger is the latest product addition to its award-winning range and removes hassle when working on any vehicle, from bikes to cars, to boats.

Henry Bisson, marketing director at Ring, said: “SmartCharge Pro combines Ring’s familiar robust innovation with More >


In response to customer requests, Mini Spares is now offering a 998cc (1030cc) half engine in addition to its existing 1275cc (1380cc) version.

Both are supplied exclusively to Mini Spares by Bill Richards Racing using Mini Spares parts.

The 998 (1030cc) and 1275 (1380cc) variants are as fast and powerful as one would hope while maintaining drivability and a reasonable MPG figure.

Both half engines use the Evolution camshaft which has very low hydrocarbon emissions making it well within MoT requirements. They are supplied fully built using the parts shown.

However, it should be noted that a timing cover is not included and so will More >


For more than 120 years, British company Castrol has been at the forefront of oil technology. Company founder Charles Wakefield launched his first vehicle engine oil in 1906, a pioneering blend of mineral and castor oils that offered unrivalled lubrication properties. Since then, and through many further innovations, Castrol oils have lubricated the beating heart of everything from speed records to Mars missions.

Interestingly, Castrol was the first company of its kind to promote its products through sponsorship, which swiftly led to advertising and merchandising. By 1946, when the iconic Castrol Classic branding was launched, Castrol offered a wide range of More >