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The royal-warranted car care experts at Autoglym are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality and usability of the company’s car care treatments – from refining existing products to curating complete kits for specific purposes.

Leather Clean & Protect falls into the latter category, being a combination product that contains everything an enthusiast will need to clean and protect the leather surfaces of their car, all at a price that represents a significant saving over purchasing the products individually.

Autoglym Leather Clean & Protect – Complete Kit

  • Deep cleans and freshens automotive leather upholstery
  • Contents: 1x Leather Cleaner (500ml), 1x Leather Care Balm (500ml), 1x Hi-Tech

Aqua-Dry, 1x More >


New from Car Builder Solutions is this incredibly handy Hole deburring tool. Coming in at 160mm long with a comfortable grip handle it can be used on plastics, aluminium, wood and steel.

10mm to 33mm hole deburring/enlarging tool (part number #LHDEB) costs £10.80 and is available now via or by calling 01580 891 309 ENDS.


Your vehicle’s cooling system really has to work hard. Everything’s fine when the system is new and the radiator core tubes are clean and free-flowing, but over time these very thin tubes can become contaminated and clogged. Introducing the new cooling system flusher from Laser Tools (part number 7686).

It’s the traditional method of radiator flushing using clean water, but now with the added power of the workshop compressed air supply. Connect up to a suitable hose or port on the vehicle radiator; attach the water hose and the compressed air supply to the tool and you’re ready to go. Press More >


Is your garage or workshop in a state of unorganised chaos? Do you always lose that go-to tool when you need it most?

Thankfully Machine Mart has just the answer with their extensive selection of storage solutions!  They’ve got options to suit every space and every budget, whether you’re a keen DIY-er in your garden shed, or someone who works in a professional garage.

Machine Mart stocks a huge range of Clarke Tool Chests and Cabinets. Both tool chests and cabinets can be sold separately, though they are also designed to be combined to provide you with an ultimate storage unit.

Our tool More >


Pressure washer kings Kärcher has now launched their own range of car care products with Wow Rim Cleaner being one of the range.

The wheel cleaner smells very bleachy but changes colour when it contacts with dirt and crud. A well good trigger and it gave an excellent result on the hard-to-clean alloys on my VW Golf.

A 500ml spray bottle costs £15.29 although shop around as there appears to be plenty of deals on this product out there.

More from ENDS.


Jem Developments (they became Jem Cars in 1970) was a division of Robin Statham’s Fellpoint Ltd as he was producing the Mini Jem at the time had taken over the project from Jeremy Delmar-Morgan.

The (over) ambitious Futura was the car that sent Fellpoint Ltd to the wall. They introduced the Mini Jem Mk2, developed it and launched it at the Racing Car Show of 1969. It was going well for the ex-Tornado Cars employee, and by the time he unveiled the space-age Futura at the Racing Car Show in January 1971, he’d sold 180 Mini Jem kits, which was going More >


Great British Sportscars has unveiled an exciting new arrival this week in the shape of the Low Carbon 4WD EV Sportscar.

The GBS team, led by Richard Hall, have been working behind the scenes on this one for the past few years.

A collaboration with two other partner companies the brief called for an all-new low-carbon supercar, with the project focused on a zero-emission, high-performance supercar for low-volume production.

The project has been supported by Innovative UK whose involvement has been a key part in the GBS journey towards EV zero emissions, collaborative R&D nature of the project has allowed GBS as a More >


I’ve known Adrian Cocking since the mid-eighties and he has been based in rural Worcestershire for many years trading as Realm Engineering where he concentrates on a variety of Jaguar-based activities including his Heritage C-type, five-speed gearbox conversions for Jaguar XK engines and knock-on wheels.

More recently he has also entered the world of Porsche Boxster conversion kits with his Ram Speedster, which uses a 986-generation Boxster in un-modified form, which is priced at £10,140 inc VAT.

RAM Speedster – Boxster (986)-based

For that, you get GRP front and rear body sections, double-skinned bonnet and boot lids, traditional 356-style door handles and bumper More >


Soundproofing and thermal acoustic liners are very useful products for kit and specialist car use and there are some very good ones out there.

Heat soak can be a real issue as can rumbles and creaks within the cockpit and the problems can be exacerbated the faster you go and the revs rise.

The latest product range to arrive on my radar comes from Oxfordshire-based Dodo Mat. They offer a range of products but I think the ones that are of prime interest to readers are ‘Deadn Pro’ panels and the heat-reducing Super Liner.

A pack of forty self-adhesive Deadn Pro panels More >


Cutting automotive battery cable can be problematic — it’s difficult to cut and even more difficult to get an even, professional-looking cut. Is there actually a way of doing it easily and above all, neatly? Well, there is now!

This handy cable cutter from Laser Tools (part number 6872) is designed to effortlessly snip through automotive cables of up to 70mm² in size. Just as easy as using a pair of scissors and it leaves a professionally cut cable.

Removing the insulation is just as easy and the tool also includes a handy insulated terminal crimper, which makes very neat crimps.

This is More >

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