Believe it or not, your family car has a lot more security features than the average hotel or holiday let. Defender has launched a Door Handle Alarm for greater security at your holiday accommodation, enabling you to sleep soundly, knowing your door is protected.

This lightweight, portable intruder alarm is the perfect travel companion and uses magnetic field technology to detect human contact with a door handle. It hangs on an interior door handle and emits a powerful 125dB alarm when the handle on the other side of the door is touched.

Created by British inventor, John Fearnall, this clever detection alarm works on any metal door handle. It alerts the user to the approach of an intruder and is designed to shock a would-be criminal into fleeing the scene. It’s effective even if the intruder is wearing gloves and unlike traditional vibration-activated alarms, isn’t prone to false alerts.

A six-second exit delay means you can also set the alarm to protect your hotel room or holiday let when you’re going out, silencing the alarm with its switch once you return.

The Defender Door Handle Alarm is practical and easy to use. Simply slip it onto the door handle and adjust the sizing toggle to secure it. Then switch on to arm the device.

This versatile alarm can be used to protect any room with a metal door handle. Adjust the super-easy sensitivity setting each time you move the alarm to a new location, to suit the environment you’re in.

The Defender Door Handle Alarm has a 12-month guarantee and uses 3 x AA batteries (supplied). Available from priced at £10.95 ENDS.