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If you work with engines then sooner or later, you’ll probably burn yourself on a hot exhaust and, when you do, it will spoil your day.

Heat protection specialist DEI has now introduced a couple of stainless steel heat shields to offer a bit more protection against accidental burns.

The shields are made from durable 304 stainless steel and preformed with a curved shape to fit most sizes of pipe. The shields feature two layers of stainless steel encapsulating a layer of high-temperature insulation, that has a direct temperature rating of up to 2000°F (approx. 1093°C).

Half inch (1.27cm) high standoffs provide an More >


When trial-fitting panels a handy and repeatable way of securing them is by way of Cleco fasteners. This new set from Pela Tools features ten Clecos to suit 2.5mm holes, ten to suit 3.2mm holes four x 12mm clamping pins and a set of decent pliers to fix them in place.

All you have to do is drill a hole in the plates to be fastened and then insert a Cleco in the hole and the plates will be held together with 10kg of pressure.

When finished or satisfied with the trial-fit you can remove the Cleco with the pliers. Easy as More >


As regular readers will know, TKC Mag/totalkitcar have always been big supporters of Richard Usher and his Blyton Park circuit so we’ve naturally been following his new project the Great British Car Journey attraction with real interest.

Never one to be deterred, Richard has overcome illness, floods and the pandemic and has this week announced that he and his team will be opening their Derbyshire venue in late May after signing a lease on the former Wire Works site in Ambergate, Derbyshire (just off the A6 between Derby and Matlock). A brilliant venue.

Richard said: “Signing the lease puts us on track More >


When it comes to car care it’s great to use quality microfibre towels and drying towels along with tyre applicator pads and wheel cleaning brushes and the like. An area where I often think could be improved upon is when it comes to cleaning your car’s interior.

There are some lovely potions and elixirs available to clean, condition and protect plastic trim but I have lost count of the times I’ve tried to clean an air-vent or get in tight to a switch on the dashboard or centre console only to be left a bit let-down because I just couldn’t reach More >


Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC) claims that it will redefine premium electric sportscars with its first model: the classic-inspired Coupe.

Carving out an entirely new niche, the two-seater, rear-wheel drive, mid-motor-mounted WEVC Coupe combines retro looks with the very latest in a lightweight, EV architecture, creating an engaging, real-world sportscar, yet one that conforms to modern safety standards.

Under the skin is WEVC’s in-house developed EV platform, called PACES. Made from bonded aluminium, it features an integrated battery enclosure built into the primary chassis as opposed to a separate battery case, allowing the entire platform to be lightweight and very structurally efficient – More >


New from our mate Dougal at Longstone Tyres are these lovely Michelin XZX 165HR15 White Wall tyres, which are absolutely ideal for a VW Beetle or a kitcar based on such a thing.

They are part of the Michelin Collection range at Longstone. Actually, that size was fitted to quite a few classic cars, too and are a radial replacement for 5.60-15 or 5.90-15 crossplies.

The tyre features a 28mm white band and have a speed rating of ‘S’ and are available now priced at £169.20 each or £648 for four or £802.80 for five.

More from or 01302 714 072 ENDS.

More >



Burton Power claims that this is the most efficient dry-sump system currently available. It is suitable for YB Cosworth (N/A & turbo) and SOHC Pinto engines from clubman level up to serious full race.

The kit includes a smooth cast aluminium sump pan with a sealing O-ring to the block face, mounting bosses for a crank sensor bracket, twin filtered scavenge pick-ups and an integral baffle assembly.

The sump also contains various external mounting points which makes it possible to use a custom-made cradle to mount the 4wd front differential whilst providing clearance for the driveshaft.

The pump mounts on the distributor side More >


News from the fine folk at British Motor Heritage concerning their MGB bodyshells.

BMW builds these in two batches every year and if you are in need of such a thing, orders for the first of 2021’s runs close on March 31.

As you probably know, BMH’s bodies are fabricated using the original tooling and even by some of the original MG workers and are first class. Prices start from £11,548.95 inc VAT with more information from or 01993 707 200 ENDS.


This new brake pipe bending former from Laser Tools (part number 8032) allows the operator to copy the profile and curve of an existing brake pipe while avoiding kinks in the new pipe. The unique design allows the existing pipe to be laid alongside the new pipe as it is formed, to ensure an exact match.

Designed to be mounted in a vice, the existing brake pipe section is laid on the matching lower curve profile channel, and the new pipe is then formed on the upper channel. Five double-channel curve diameters are provided: 25, 35, 50, 65 and 80mm. It More >


The royal-warranted car care experts at Autoglym are delighted to announce the arrival of a revolutionary advancement in car-cleaning technology. Rapid Ceramic Spray is the new and disarmingly straightforward way to lock in up to three months of hydrophobic paintwork protection on your vehicle.

Autoglym Rapid Ceramic Spray is designed to be used as the finishing element of a normal car-cleaning routine and is equally effective when applied to a wet or dry vehicle. It quickly bonds to painted or vinyl-wrapped surfaces to leave a highly durable, chemically resistant protective coating and a deep gloss finish.

At the heart of this new More >