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Classic and Sports Cars Unlimited is a company based in Norfolk who specialises in supplying a variety of GRP bodykits for a raft of different cars.

For example, they have kits to suit the Fiat X1/9 either Eurosport or Dallara styles, while they also offer panels for Berkeley T60, Isetta and various other microcars including the Messerschmitt FR200. Indeed, they have taken the latter idea further and are working on a full bodykit for it.

They also do a nice line in Beetle bodykits, too.

More information when we have it.

In the meantime, visit ENDS.


Bob Teahan of the brilliant Machine Shop in Hinckley has been on to tell me about his welding lessons which are gaining real ground with people travelling for a socially distanced four hours of learning.

As a skilled welder, Bob is keen to pass on his knowledge and you don’t have to be a member of The Machine Shop to sign up for a welding or metal polishing lesson.

Bob: “We offer a range of four-hour one-on-one welding lessons to suit all needs. They’re super informal and great fun. We teach people what they want to learn by looking at your end More >


Great new product from Car Builder Solutions is this Electronic Inline Fan Controller with Relay, which is a snip at £76.50 inc VAT.

Designed for negative earth vehicles only it features a 32mm diameter x 60mm long and is machined from aluminium, with inline hose joiner and integral pre-wired temperature sensor connected to a 30-amp relay.

The temperature range 70-degrees C to 120-degrees C.

The unit automatically switches your fan off when coolant temperature had reduced by 3-degrees. It is supplied with easy-to-follow instructions, a pair of stainless steel hose clips, adjustment tool and cable ties.

Part number FCE32 is available now from or More >


Trackday fiends might well be tempted by this cool new tyre gauge from Racesense.

Priced at £280 it is water-resistant, supplied in a tough aluminium casing, while an extra £45 gets a thermocouple probe to check not only pressure but also various temperatures across the tread of the tyre.

It is accurate to 100psi and data can be synced to mobile devices or your computer. I like the very handy offset mode that keeps readings privately stored.


More from ENDS.


Everyone knows that Mini Spares can supply all of the big things from a Mini engine to a brand new bodyshell.

However, it can also supply all those fiddly bits that make up a Classic Mini that you don’t even think about … until you need them.

This bulb-holder is for the original Smiths auxiliary gauges fitted to the three dial centre dashboards i.e 13H4459 and 13H4460. It will also fit the aftermarket Smiths gauges (SIB part numbers). Therefore, there’ll be a few of these used in a phalanx of kitcars!

Mini Spares has them in stock as part number PM01 at £2.65 More >


For over 30 years, the Webcon-designed and manufactured LP range of linkages have been the benchmark in terms of quality, adjustability and reliability. They are equally at home on a championship-winning racer, as they are on a cherished classic or kit car. This superb linkage range continues to be specified by discerning engine builders and owners the world over.

However, as with any world-leading product, there are now a number of cheaply produced, poor quality copies on the market. These are being sold with the same Webcon range of part numbers so, to avoid confusion and disappointment, Webcon has neatly incorporated More >


If your Optima or other AGM-type battery has discharged to within an inch of its life, don’t panic – get an Optima Digital Battery Charger. Not your typical quick-charge unit, an Optima Digital charger can bring batteries discharged as low as 1.25-volts back to full voltage.

What’s more, the chargers actually condition the battery by de-sulphating it. As the battery ages or due to poor maintenance, lead sulphate starts to crystallise and coat the lead plates. This sulfation process eventually reduces battery life or causes it to fail.

An Optimal Digital Battery Charger will reverse this process, breaking down the lead sulphate More >


Maxxis has announced the arrival of the Classic Whitewall MA-1 tyre to the UK market offering aesthetics from 30 years ago with today’s performance.

The MA-1 is a high-quality vintage car tyre offering exceptional mileage and a quiet and comfortable ride. The MA-1 is constructed with a double steel-belt for long-lasting wear and consists of a jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap for added strength and stability, making the MA-1 very durable and therefore resistant to warping when the vehicle is stored.

The tyre is resistant to aquaplaning due to the advanced tread design funnelling out water. This, along with a solid centre More >


The Clarke Raider 15/550 is a powerful 50 Litre, 3HP direct drive air compressor with v-twin-cylinder pump.

It is particularly useful for the workshop and DIY applications such as large-scale spraying (paint, varnish, preservatives etc.), nailing, stapling, polishing, sanding and garage use.

With twin air outlets for increased versatility, this air compressor is ideal for the job.

Please note – some assembly is required.

The unit is priced at £251.98 inc VAT with more information from ENDS.


In love with the Cal Look and searching for the next piece in your high-performance puzzle?

Whether it is the form or function of Beetle Decklid Standoffs that tickle your fancy, these beautifully engineered offerings from Vintage Speed will be right up your strasse.

Produced from stainless steel, the Vintage Speed latch extensions fit at the base of the decklid and allow for the lid to still shut and lock but with a 3in ventilation gap around the bottom.

Alternatively, as a less permanent addition, their standoff which attaches to the engine lid lock is a great quick fix on hot days.

The base More >