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Webcon has announced that it has now reproduced the original Weber Auxilliary Venturi Puller.

In the process of doing so, Webcon has added a number of subtle improvements to ensure the quick and efficient removal of stubborn auxiliary venturis from Weber carburettors while minimising the chances of damage to the venturi or the carburettor.

This is an essential tool for anyone who overhauls Weber carburettors or a DIY kit and classic car enthusiast.

The Weber Auxilliary Venturi Puller can be ordered as part number 9800920000 at £105.77 inc VAT.

Available now from 01932 787 100 or via ENDS.

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Machine Mart stores (and website) stock a wide range of Clarke Generators, providing a variety of options to help meet your needs.

Both the Clarke PG2500A and PG3800A provide a reliable source of power for leisure, DIY or light trade use.

Encased in a protective steel frame, both machines have four-stroke 5.6bhp engines and 15-litre fuel tank capacity, as well as featuring 2 x 230V 13amp domestic sockets and a 12V DC output facility for battery charging.

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) enables sensitive electrical equipment, such as laptops, televisions, tablet computers etc., to be used with both models.

The Clarke PG3800ADV and PG6500ADVES are More >


One of the bugbears of modern motoring is having the ‘Check Engine’ light come on, paying for a garage to check it out and finding that it’s not an engine fault, but the sensor ‘playing up’.

There are many reasons for a sensor giving a false warning or actually fail. Some can be prevented by fitting DEI’s new Thermal Sensor Covers.

DEI Thermal Sensor Covers will protect delicate sensors, plugs and wire connectors from heat, moisture and dirt. They are made from an aluminised insulation material that acts as a thermal barrier for sensitive wire connections and the sensors themselves.

DEI Thermal Sensor More >


New from Summit Racing are these Allstar Performance Ultrasonic cleaners. 

Who knew all it took to super clean car parts is a touch of heat and some ultrasonic sound waves? Allstar Performance Ultrasonic Cleaners are available in two models. They are ideal for cleaning everything from oily and greasy parts and tools to items with tiny holes and crevices like carburettors and fuel injectors.

You can even use them to clean other things around the house like bicycle and mower parts, jewellery, watches and much more. Other features include heat dissipation holes to eliminate overheating, double fuse protection, and a drainage system that makes More >


Ring has launched the RIL6000 series, a professional range of inspection lamps within its multi-award-winning MAGflex range, providing vehicle technicians and enthusiasts with the required lighting for any job, while highlighting its commitment to embracing evolving technology.

With the aim of streamlining its MAGflex offering, Ring has introduced four uniquely designed inspection lamps, with each product specially designed to offer complete versatility and reliability in the workshop.

The RIL6000 range provides light for any requirement, with the MAGflex Mini 250 (RRP £34.99) offering a compact but powerful lamp, with a lumen output of 250lm, and complete flexibility including a 180-degree flex base More >


Burton Power has announced that it now has stocks of Facet’s solid-state type competition fuel pump kit.

The American made pump flows at a maximum rate of 27-gallons per hour and operates by moving a stainless-steel plunger inside a brass cylinder. There are no seals or diaphragms to wear.

The kit includes a replaceable 74-micron fuel filter and a magnet to trap metallic particles.

The negative earth pump is suitable for front or rear mounting and comes with unions, rubber mountings and a spare filter.

Order as FAC480530K at £94.50 inc VAT with further details from 0208 554 2281 or ENDS.

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Here we are in the third decade of the 21st Century and there are still kit and classic car owners who have yet to discover the benefits of electronic fuel injection (EFI).

No doubt most don’t realise how simple the conversion can be thanks to the Retroject 38/38 Throttle Body from Webcon.

The Retroject is a dual injector throttle body designed to directly replace the Weber 32/36 DGV and 38DGAS carburettors.

The critical dimensions are identical so it will fit! The positioning of the throttle lever and throttle rotation are the same so it will be possible to:

  • Remove a Weber twin-choke carb (eg More >


Take your storage space to the next level with the ultimate garage or workshop storage solution from Machine Mart!

Be the envy of your friends or workmates with a great looking Clarke heavy-duty professional modular storage package, suitable for workshops, warehouses, garages or sheds! Ideal for trade and domestic use to create the perfect fitted garage.

Choose from ten package systems for ease of ordering and you will know you have all the right units to build your package and you’ll also save money compared to buying all the units individually.

Alternatively, build your own custom workshop simply by selecting the individual component More >


There must be quite a few Austin Healey Sprite owners – or kits and conversions based on the car – who are preparing their cars for the first outing of the year. So, it’s just the right time to consider installing a Fidanza lightweight flywheel.

A Fidanza lightweight aluminium flywheel will improve performance and acceleration because replacing the heavy standard flywheel dramatically improves the power-to-weight ratio.

The flywheel is made from high-quality machined 6061 T6 aluminium with a 1050 steel friction surface. Fastener holes and chamfers have been CNC machined for accuracy and military-grade fasteners are included.

The steel friction surface of the More >


Here’s one for our friends in North America.

It’s the little things that really make a vehicle work. Take an EFI system for example. Without adapter fittings like the ones made by Fragola that system won’t be injecting any fuel.

Fragola’s Quick-Connect EFI Adapter Fittings let you connect aftermarket fuel rails and pressure regulators to the factory EFI fuel line and are available in straight and 90-degree versions to make your installation easier.

The black anodised aluminium fittings have a 3/8in quick-connect end for the OE fuel line and your choice of 3/6-16, 7/8-14, and 9/16-18 ORB (O-ring) ends for the fuel rails More >

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