If you’re not a professional when it comes to a spray gun or using abrasives on a GRP body, then it can be a big issue especially if you make a mess of the job too.

Decent abrasives are important when rubbing down and you really need to achieve a nice, smooth finish.

New from Mirka is Iridium SR, a new abrasive that will give you a uniform, consistent cut and scratch pattern that you’ll find easy to polish out. They could be great for ridding a GRP boy of unsightly mould flash-lines, for example.

They feature what Mirka calls ‘tri-dimensional technology silicon carbide grains’ (that’s what it says here!) and the company promises the little discs will last a long time and give excellent consistency even on clearcoat-type paint, topcoats and lacquers.

Iridium SR is designed to be used with Mirka’s AOS-B or AROP-B cordless power tools.

Prices start at £50.62 and you can find out more at www.mirka.com ENDS.