Now, here’s a brilliant new tuning kit for Volkswagen Type 1 air-cooled engine. Therefore, it has massive potential for most Beetle-based kitcars including Speedster, 550 Spyder and RSK replicas.
It’s a supercharger kit for the Type 1 unit from aviation jet engine engineers, Mark Allen and Dave Godfrey of Nottinghamshire-based Kompressorhaus.

Two versions of the kit are available – the Sleeper at £1295 inc VAT includes items such as Serpentine pulley kit, Aisin AMR500 supercharger, stainless-steel brackets, pipework, fasteners and more.
The Ultimate package costs £1650 inc VAT and adds genuine twin Weber DCOE carbs which are pre-tuned and tailored to your engine. The Ultimate better suits 1600cc and above motors such as big bore 1776cc, 1835cc and above.Lead/delivery time is approximately three to four weeks.

Mark tells me that the kits are designed to be easily fitted in two hours and you don’t need to remove the engine from your car. As long as there’s enough space, this kit will fit. Extras required are items such as a fuel pump and breather box, although they can supply these at extra cost.
Kompressorhaus recently conducted a test on a 1641cc engine which was producing 44bhp. When they fitted their Ultimate kit and put it on the dyno this was upped to 105bhp! Imagine one of these fitted to a Chesil Speedster with, say, a 1776cc engine fitted. Wowzer.
This could well be a gamechanging product for kitcar owners with Beetle engines in their cars, especially at such a bargain price. As Mark Allen says: “It’s horsepower in a box and an affordable alternative to having a larger engine built to give you the same results.”

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