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The qualities of DEI’s heatshield wrapping, rolls and tailor-made products are well-known, but sometimes just a small area of heat protection is required; for instance, to protect other engine bay components from turbo heat or to prevent accidental burns from hot exhausts.

DEI is now offering handy-sized Universal Heat Shield Pads for instant heat protection precisely where it’s needed.

The pads are made from double-sided high-grade stainless steel with a high-temperature insulation layer. The welded seams seal the insulation between the stainless steel outers making for a durable, long-lasting shield. Grommet holes are provided at the corners for easy mounting.

DEI Universal Heat More >


This special online-only Father’s Day promotion by Sealey is valid from June 20, 2021.

Inside you will find: Tool Kits, including a 70pc Cantilever Toolbox; Drill & Bit Accessory Sets, Fans to keep Dads cool, and more gifts for DIY enthusiasts! 

Another product featured is Sealey’s Rubber Bottom Tool Storage Bag (AP509). Perfect for keeping tools organised, the bag has a large compartment to keep tools clean, dry and organised at home or on the go.

A fantastic product for all those little ‘bits and bobs’ is the Wall-Mounted 24 Bin & Panel Storage Combination (TPS132). It comes with a heavy-duty steel back More >


When using a drill (cordless or corded) the size of the drill can sometimes cause access problems. This 150mm quick-chuck extension bar from Laser Tools (part number 3160) solves this problem by offering the extra reach required.

This is a straight extension, with a quick-chuck fitting at one end and a quick-chuck at the other, effectively extending the drill’s chuck forward by 150mm. The narrow head design of the quick chuck also aids access. The extension is manufactured in one piece from chrome vanadium steel and the chuck is stainless steel.

If you regularly use a cordless drill or powered screwdriver fitted More >


Exciting news from Terry Matthews of Marlin Cars this week. I’ll let Terry tell us about it.

An open letter from Terry Matthews

New ownership for Marlin Cars, the 5EXi and Avatar Sportscars. 

This year – April 14 – it was seven years since Mark’s (all-round MUCH-MISSED good guy and Terry’s husband, Mark Matthews) passing. As always, I spent the day reflecting on all the memories that we had created during our 30-years together and as you would expect, so many of them were Marlin-based.

In keeping with this, on that day, I added to those memories as I said goodbye to Mark’s final More >


The royal-warranted car care experts at Autoglym have announced the availability of a product designed to rapidly remove the unsightly ‘pebble-dashing’ of tar spots that usually appear on the lower half of your vehicle’s paintwork in warm weather.

Intensive Tar Remover is the disarmingly effective way to dissolve sticky bitumen flicked up from hot road surfaces, as well as other irritating adherents such as glue, grease, tree sap and fuel stains.

Tar spots are a common eyesore and especially visible on light-coloured paintwork. These sticky blemishes can prove difficult to remove and will usually smear themselves across paintwork if you try to scrub More >


Burton Power has just released a modified, non-vacuum, Lucas-style distributor for the classic Lotus Twin Cam engine.

The distributor is based on a new reproduction Lucas 45D4 style unit, which will suit most engines from standard specification to virtually full race.

The distributor is supplied with a side-entry cap, points, condenser and a rotor arm. Order as part number FL303B at £174 inc VAT You’ll get a refund of £24 inc VAT on the return of any Crossflow distributor. Prices include VAT. More details at the other end of 0208 554 2281 or via ENDS.


If your car has failed its noise test at a trackday then hopefully Merlin Motorsport can help to get you back on track as soon as possible.

Give Merlin Motorsport a call on 01249 782 101 and they’ll send the parts you need quickly.

If you happen to fail the noise test while you’re at Castle Combe Circuit then it’s even easier as they are conveniently located track-side, in the paddock.

They have a variety of solutions including Mufflers, Decibel inserts, Re-packing or Extended Silencer options.

What they’ll need to know –

By how much did your car fail the test?

Is the exhaust pipe oval More >


Locking wheel nuts. A useful anti-theft device and fitted to most modern cars with alloy wheels. However, what happens if you’ve lost the adaptor key? Or the adaptor key is damaged? You’ve now got a time-wasting, costly problem.

Traditional methods or ‘attempts’ at removing locking wheels nuts such as drilling or chiselling are time-consuming, usually do not work, and are very likely to damage the alloy wheel. Some people go for a brutal solution of hammering a one-size too small socket onto the nut. This can work but you’ll sacrifice a socket.

Reach for the new locking wheel nut remover kit from More >


The B-G Folding Mobile Work Stand is the perfect convenient workmate to have around the workshop or garage. The four swivelling caster wheels make it easy to manoeuvre into place before locking it in position with the two braked castor wheels. Its divided working surface then helps keep tools and parts organised. The B-G Folding Mobile Work Stand provides an ideal work surface to keep tools within easy reach when working under the bonnet or under a vehicle lift. It also comes with the added benefit of folding down for easy transport or storage. The high-grade mild steel construction and More >


Another addition to Sealey’s comprehensive range of Premier Hand Tools, is their new AK7938, 1000V, 50-Piece Insulated Tool Kit, which is ideal for working on modern hybrid and electric vehicles (1500V DC safe live working).

Each component is fully insulated to VDE and EN 60900 standards to protect from electric shocks up to 1500V DC and 1000V AC.

They are made from hardened and tempered Chrome Vanadium steel sockets and accessories and come chrome plated for resistance to corrosion, as with many of Sealey’s Hand Tools this product comes with a lifetime guarantee*.

Key features include a 45-tooth flip reverse comfort grip ratchet More >