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Looking for custom brake lines? Well, Merlin Motorsport can build custom brake lines as well as fuel and clutch lines in-house. They’ve got a ‘Goodridge’ room!

This is a no-hassle way to make up hoses to your specifications using any parts off their shelves. They really do have a vast range of Goodridge unions, fittings and all the right hoses.

The brake lines shown here were made up to a customer’s specifications. They are a low-volume assembly manufactured using the Goodridge 600 series swage fittings with the company’s fire sleeve covering to shield them from extreme heat.

They have the capability to produce one-off More >


GAZ Shocks is pleased to announce a new range of fully adjustable coil-over suspension kits. The new GAZ Gaz Charged is based on its highly successful GHA and GOLD ranges but upgraded with the benefits of nitrogen gas and ‘helper’ springs above the main suspension springs.

These upgrades will give an improved and smoother ride over conventional dampers. The nitrogen also minimises the aeration of the hydraulic fluid/oil under normal use by compressing the air bubbles inside the damper.

Of course, all the current features of the GHA and GOLD ranges are included in the GAZ Charged range:

The damper rate is adjustable and can be More >


Are you struggling to come up with gift ideas for the petrolhead who claims to already have everything?

The royal-warranted car cleaning experts at Autoglym would like to suggest that the specially curated Supreme Car Care Collection will ensure that your favourite car enthusiast really does have all bases covered. No excuses!

Autoglym Supreme Car Care Collection is the most generous and comprehensive gifting set in the British company’s repertoire. Presented in a smart, zip-up satchel for easy wrapping and neat storage, the collection consists of nine key cleaning products and three premium accessories.

Together they cover everything from wheels and windows to paintwork More >


Burton Power has announced that it can now offer a single-piece propshaft based on the Group 1 version to fit all standard RS2000s or Escort Mk1/2 using a Rocket or five-speed gearbox and an English or Atlas axle.


This single-piece propshaft has been made much stronger than the original two-piece item through the use of a larger diameter tubing and removal of the centre bearing. It is suitable as a direct replacement for the original prop or for competition use.

It is a high-quality item manufactured in the UK, not a cheap inferior import. Most imports use rather crude forgings which are More >


Here’s a good product from Gliptone Europe called Foam ~Cannon Blizzard Shield.

An intriguing, albeit very pleasant smell.

This is a snow foam that you apply by foam cannon and leave for just 20-seconds before rinsing off. It is blended with special detergents that is safe on bodywork, glass and exterior plastic trim.

I’d be inclined to use this as a final stage of my detailing process after the shampoo, as a final gloss although I notice that it was very effective at lifting grime and caked-on crud.

The label tells me that it is also a drying aid product too.

Exceptional valve (at 473ml) More >


Another rare leather cleaner that actually smells like leather. Might sound churlish o say that but to me if it smells like leather it’s a pretty good start.

I tried Zirconite’s Leather Cleaner on the vile leather on a friend’s Jaguar XJ40 and it definitely did what some other cleaners haven’t managed – clean his seats, visibly lifting crud and dirt. Zirconite’s range is rightly winning lots of friends.

Left no residue or greasy feel, either. A 500ml bottle costs £14.95.

Available now from ENDS.


MINIFIN non-spacered die-cast alloy brake drums from Mini Spares are the ideal way to upgrade a classic Mini’s braking system or a kitcar based on the same.

The lightweight alloy material reduces unsprung weight and the finned design dissipates heat quicker than OE drums; this in turn helps to reduce brake fade.

Order as part number MINIFIN at £83.52 per pair including VAT. Also available – spacered diecast alloy brake drums. Order as: MINIFINS at £86.40 per pair.

For more details call 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.



Actually, there are no, horses here, rather a look at one of the sixties leading racing driver schools, Motor Racing Stables, based at Brands Hatch. Along with Jim Russell Driving Schools, they were the leading trainers of budding Jackie Stewarts in the UK during the sixties.

Motor Racing Stables was always thought of as having been started at Brands Hatch Circuit, with then-owner, John Webb being the founder. That isn’t quite correct. The inimitable Webb was definitely involved but not at the start.

A lovely photo showing Jim Clark with MRS boss, Geoff Clarke at Brands Hatch with a new More >


Superchargers can significantly increase the power of your GM Gen III, IV, or V engine. That is, right up until the harmonic damper slips on the end of the crankshaft due to the increased drag from turning the supercharger pulley.

Summit Racing’s LS Damper Pin Kit has everything needed to pin your harmonic damper to the crankshaft to end slipping once and for all. The kit includes a steel drill sleeve fixture to accurately drill two holes in the damper and crank snout with the included six-inch cobalt drill bit. Also included is a tool hold-down bolt and four 1/4-inch diameter More >


Raceline has been at the forefront of performance Ford engines for many years and the company has supplied many complete units and upgrade parts to kitcar enthusiasts.

Their Zetec-R unit has proven popular and it’s now joined by a Duratec-R version based around either 2- or 2.5-litre versions.

Crikey, a Raceline Duratec-R will give this Elan hilarious performance

The 2-litre is available in 185bhp, 210bhp, 250bhp and 280bhp variants with a 2.5-litre available in the following strengths – 175bhp, 210bhp, 270bhp and 300bhp.

Raceline also sells a whole raft of performance parts for the Duratec engine including their renowned water rail (very popular with More >

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