Mini Spares has just released a brand-new alloy rocker cover which has been manufactured to fit all classic Mini heads. It is a brilliant new design by Richard at Mini Spares (York) based on extensive experience with the Mini ‘A’ Series engine.

It includes a recess for the extra bolts that are required if it is being fitted to an eleven-stud head (the cover works perfectly with both the 9-stud and 11-stud gasket).

It has also been designed to clear all Mini Spares 1.5 rockers and it features ribs at the ends and on the top for quietness and to ensure that the gasket seats properly.

Order as part number ROCKERCVR01 which comes with a tethered filler cap as shown.
Price: £60.76 inc VAT.

For more details call 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.