It’s important to keep a Mini-based kitcar’s steering and suspension gaiters in good condition to prevent road grit and debris from damaging the joint within. That’s why they should be replaced at the first sign of a split or suggestion of perishing.

Diligence is needed as, unfortunately, original rubber gaiters are prone to splitting and if subject to oil contamination can quickly perish.

Thankfully, Mini Spares has come up with polyurethane upgraded gaiters for all knuckle joints and many track-rod ends. These greatly reduce the chances of splitting and eliminate the problem of perishing.

It should be noted that this gaiter may not fit every track rod end because over the past 55 years, many ‘pattern’ track rod ends have been produced; however, it will fit every genuine Mini suspension knuckle ball joint (part no GSV1118) ever made.

Order as 21A425EVO at £2.52 inc VAT each.

For more details contact Mini Spares on 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.