For fifty consecutive years (1964-2014), Hyperco coil springs were standard equipment on every car that won the Indianapolis 500. That’s quite a record.

Hyperco got its start when an engineer named Jim Fielder started making springs for racing in the early 1960s. His designs quickly dominated motorsport suspension technology, in the USA and Hyperco has further refined them to keep you competitive today.

Summit Racing stocks Hyperco coil and leaf springs for racing and road use.

Hypercoil™ Coil-over Springs

Hypercoil coil-over springs are lighter than standard coil springs and hold their free length and spring rates far longer than competing coil-overs. They are available More >


With Tiger Racing celebrating a marvellous thirty-years in the same Dudley-family ownership in 2019, as you’d expect there’s planned to mark this considerable milestone.

The company has started the year running with plenty of orders and restoration work on-the-go. They also do plenty of classic car refurb work and sales plus have earned a reputation as one of the UK’s leading authorities on retro and fast Fords.

Tiger boss and founder, Jim Dudley has also found time to create a new version of their top-selling Avon model, an as yet un-named larger version, which cleverly retains the same track and wheelbase while More >


Although I swear by the virtues of a proper car dryer, I still like to keep a proper drying towel to hand, which is very convenient especially if there’s no easy access to an electricity supply to plug your dryer in.

Trouble is plenty of companies claim that their drying towel is the best. Sadly, most of them are no better than a microfibre cloth, which are great for applying and removing wax and polish bit not so hot for drying your car’s paintwork.

WoWo makes a great one but I think on balance my absolute favourite and number one choice comes More >


A car care brand I really like is the Winners range from the good folk at Killer Brands in Essex.

Their Wax Liquid is a product I often reach for as it contains a specially-formulated polymer that is extremely easy-to-use but gives a deep, lustrous gloss that lasts for a long time and also protects your paint. Ideal for this time of year when the roads are grubby and cake your car with crud.

The Winners brand is a very under-rated one but there’s a reason that those that know swear by the range. A 500ml bottle costs just £8.94 inc VAT.

More More >


After many months of design and rigorous testing Forge Motorsport has launched what they claim is the world’s first universal adjustable piston Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR).

Not only is it extremely easy on the eye, gracing any under-bonnet area, but it also solves the issue of using standard regulators on tuned cars – which often can’t cope with the additional demands placed upon them.

Using its considerable expertise in the design and use of piston technology, coupled with unparalleled research into the custom manufacture of quadrant Viton® seals, Forge has achieved this unique design.

Their new FPR has been designed to cope with More >


The PerTronix Digital HP Mobile Ignition Box is a CD ignition that is BluetoothÒ-enabled, allowing you to set things like rev limiters, a shift light, or a start timing retard right from your phone or tablet.

The Digital HP Mobile app also lets you see engine RPM, shift light setting, and ignition system voltage in real time. The Digital HP Mobile Ignition Box sends 530-volts of spark energy to your coil, with big, fat multiple sparks all the way to your engine’s redline.

It also features three adjustable rev limiters, RPM-activated output, and an adjustable start retard. A cold, snowy winter afternoon More >


No bull – just durable tools and storage solutions from Matador. Yes, we know that the ‘Men’s Kitchen’ title might have lost something in translation – after all, just as many female technicians would love to own one of these tool storage solutions from the German purveyors of high-end, yet surprisingly affordable modular ‘kitchen’ blocks, as the blokes out there might. Let’s face it, gender-specific torque wrenches, impact guns or socket sets don’t exist, and they certainly don’t mind who’s using them when they are living a charmed life inside a Matador Toolbox.

The key selling point for the Matador range More >


New from Rally Design is this new eight-piece Spindle Re-Threading Set (part number SWE653)

The spindle nose is so often damaged, usually, the fine thread is so easily cross-threaded or hammered.

This set has dies to repair the thread and avoid the cost of a new strut or upright.

It includes M24x1.5, M24x2.0, M22x1.0, M20x1.25, M20x1.5, 13/16inx20 UNF, ¾in x20 UNF and can be used with a 1-¼in socket or spanner. The set wears a retail price of just £17.99 inc VAT.

More information at the other end of 01227 792 792 or ENDS.


Be connected. Unite your life.  That’s what Pioneer says.

Their AVH-Z9100DAB is a head unit that literally does it all as it’s that in-tune with your movements. The unit is right at the top of the pile of Pioneer’s premier head units, something that is accounted for by a spec-list that’s significantly longer than this press release – talk about making our life more difficult by cramming all of the toys into one unit!

The AVH-Z9100DAB combines high-quality audio and video with smart navigation. On top, given its flagship status, it supports the latest connectivity options for your smartphone with Wi-Fi connectivity, More >


New from Mills Extreme Vehicles – and making its debut at last weekend’s Autosport International show at the NEC – was the latest incarnation of their Ecocet G:Type model.

It’s designed around Mazda MX-5 donor parts and available for Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 versions of the legendary Japanese roadster.

As ever with all MEV products you can build it for a competitive price with kits for MX-5 Mk1 and Mk2 at £3955 inc VAT and for later Mk3 it’s £4795 inc VAT.

MEV boss Stuart Mills reckons you can also get a healthy rebate of around £650 if you sell the MX-5 donor’s More >