Excessive fuel pressure causing flooding is becoming a common problem on new or recently rebuilt carburettor setups. This can happen either with an electric fuel pump or when a cheap copy of an original mechanical fuel pump produces way more line pressure than the intended 3 to 3.5 psi. This problem is especially common on Ford and Volvo engines.

The solution is to install a Webcon Fuel Pressure Gauge.

Webcon part number WFR150K includes a superb quality 0-15 psi fluid-filled fuel pressure gauge with a Webcon manufactured anodised 8mm 5/16in billet aluminium fuel line adaptor and plug, together with a couple of More >


Merlin Motorsport can supply TM15 foam, to help baffle your fuel tank, handy for racing purposes and for trackdays.

It is manufactured to military-spec as it was once used in USAAF aircraft fuel tanks – and it is a reticulated polyurethane foam.

Supplied in either single 80mm cubes or as one cubic foot (56 cubes in total). There are several advantages to using this foam in your fuel tank.

  • TM15 effectively baffles fuel to prevent surge in performance vehicles under hard braking and cornering.
  • It mitigates fuel spray in the event of a fuel tank rupture due to compression, like in the event of More >


In response to popular demand, Burton Power has gone back to its roots and produced a limited-edition Classic Sticker Sheet of original Burton graphics as used by the company in the 1970s and 1980s.

The stickers are authentic, right down to the now-defunct telephone number and, would be the ideal period addition to Ford-based kit cars and classic cars, workshop or toolbox.

The A4-sized sheet features eleven stickers in total and can be ordered as part number CLASSICSTICKER1 retailing at £5 (inc VAT).

For further details contact Burton Power on 0208 554 2281 (and NOT the number shown on the stickers, PLEASE!) or More >


Attention, automotive technicians, electricians, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts – here’s a tool that might well become your new favourite. Try out Laser Tools’ Compact Ratchet Screwdriver Set (part number 8675), a versatile kit that’s packed with features.

The set includes a handy screwdriver that features a robust 60-teeth ratchet mechanism with reverse, lock and forward modes. It’s built to handle a max torque load of 30Nm, so you can tackle those tough jobs with ease. The handle features a thermoplastic rubber soft grip for ultimate comfort during extended use. Say goodbye to hand fatigue!

The driver includes a magnetic bit holder that’s More >


GAZ Shocks can now offer coil-over kits for both the Mk1 and Mk2 Porsche Boxsters a good number of which are used as donors for body conversion kits, of course.

The kits offer adjustable ride height and adjustable damper rates and include lowered, uprated, suspension springs.

Ride height is adjustable all-round through 60mm of adjustment; the struts and damper units feature the new GAZ black zinc protective finish as well as sporting the new white GAZ logo.

The height-adjustable platforms are anodised for long life. They also have a coarse acme form thread for ease of adjustment; to ensure that they remain in More >


Mini Spares has announced a new version of its lightweight alloy radiator which comes with a fan sensor hole and a new switch for post-1991 classic Minis. Plenty of kitcars, based on the same, included.

This is an upgrade of the popular ARP1110 radiator (which has sold 800 in 3½ years and had great success in both racing and in the Mini Spares eight-port head cars). The new radiator boasts all the same features as the ARP1110, such as:

An original-style header tank manufactured by using new cuprobraze technology which has the advantages of better thermal performance, corrosion resistance, strength and durability More >


DENSO has an impressive motorsport heritage and reflecting the pioneering technology it has developed in its racing programmes, alongside the OE products it supplies to vehicle manufacturers globally, the production highlights how the company has transferred these performance benefits to road cars and made it available to motorists across Europe.

Capturing the essence of the technological developments, DENSO’s European Product Manager Spark Plugs, Gilbert Couvert, explains how the TT Spark Plug’s revolutionary design enhances engine performance, significantly improving both fuel efficiency and responsiveness. However, it also describes how it assists in resolving issues such as difficult starting, idling and misfiring problems.

To find the More >


People always associate Westfield with their Lotus Seven-inspired model, Eleven replica and latterly the Chesil Speedster. However, there have been a large handful of other models over the years that didn’t quite catch on for whatever reason.


One of these was the Grand Prix Midget of 1996 – a car that was inspired by the Grand Prix Midget racers pioneered in the USA in Los Angeles in 1933 and soon spread to other parts of the world such as Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

The Westfield GP Midget was originally developed by well-known racer, Martin Lyon and Eddy Ricketts, using a More >


As you’d expect soft trim maestros, Woolies has plenty of ideas for great Christmas present ideas of a car interior tart-up variety although a gift from Woolies isn’t just for Christmas!

Here’s one that caught my eye. Perhaps it is the interior of your car that needs a bit of TLC? Woolies leather cleaner is excellent at taking out ingrained dirt and can improve the appearance of the leather quickly and easily.

Follow this up with the Connolly hide care to keep the leather soft and help prevent it from drying out and cracking.

The Cleaner costs £10 with the Hide Care at More >


These brand-new Push Button Switches from our good mates at Car Builder Solutions are a  nice option for a dashboard update.

Stainless steel 24mm diameter switches with RGB multicolour illumination they are beautifully crafted switches and will cope with 20amps, so are suitable for almost everything straight out of the box.

They also come with a pre-wired connector with 160mm flyleads. There are eighteen options so far and more coming soon Car Builder’s Matt Foreman told me.

The LED lamps are all e-marked and IVA compliant and the LUCAS lamps are traditionally made and of high quality. Stainless Steel 24mm diameter illuminated push button More >

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