Jenvey Dynamics has launched its new downdraft throttle body kit for the GM LS3 V8, a very popular engine with kitcar enthusiasts.

Jenvey’s new package provides a high-quality downdraft alternative to the crossover option the already offer: “The modular design and light weight of the LS3 downdraft kit is perfect for highly configurable, bespoke vehicle builds where space may be at a premium or customers require a choice of engine bay aesthetics,” says Jenvey Dynamics Ltd. managing director, Mike Jenvey. “Recent testing of the LS3 downdraft kit on an LS376/525 engine showed a 40bhp gain with no torque loss and a huge More >


Burton Power can now offer an oil pick up pipe for all classic Ford Crossflow (Kent) engine blocks suitable for all versions of the iconic engine used, over the years, in so many kit and specialist cars.

The oil pick up pipe can be ordered as Part Number FP645 and is priced at £36 inc VAT

More details at the other end of 0208 554 2281 or via ENDS.


This new circuit tester from Laser Tools (part number 6115) is versatile, useful and suitable for 6, 12 and 24 volt automotive systems.

More than a standard circuit tester, it features a clear and easy to read digital display that reads from 5 to 28 volts with an accuracy of plus or minus 3 per cent and bright LEDs to indicate power (red) or ground (green). The coiled cable stretches out to a useful three metres

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist, who will be happy to provide you with their best prices and special offers.

More details from ENDS.

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Webcon has announced two new fuel pressure gauges with both liquid-filled to ensure consistent results, and feature 1/8 NPT threaded adaptors to allow them to fit most gauge adaptors and fuel pressure regulators on the market.

The gauges are Webcon branded to distinguish them from lesser quality units, and are extremely competitively priced and available from stock, with order details are as follows:

System type     Pressure Range             Part No                       Price Carburettor      0-15 PSI                      WFR150                     £15.70 inc VAT EFI                  0-8 bar                         WFR151                     £16.75 inc VAT

Available from 01932 787 100 or via ENDS.

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Now that we are into the winter, you may be looking for that perfect winter sealant to use as a finishing coat, to provide an ultimate gleaming protection for your car over the colder winter months.

Power Maxed Winter Coat is a spray-on sealant that offers a high degree of protection against weathering, UV-damage, acid rain etching, road salt, bird droppings, bug splatter, tree sap, and industrial pollution. Its strong water sheeting capabilities and slick finish help to flush away debris that normally stick to your paint, helping your vehicle to stay cleaner between washes.

The Winter Coat Sealant can be used More >


B-G Racing’s own experience within motorsport has led directly to the design of their Fabricated Levelling Trays.

The trays offer a cost effective solution to accurately corner-weight your vehicle and give you repeatable results.

The levelling trays will accommodate any 15in x 15in x 2.5in to 3in scale pads. The frame and base are constructed from tough but lightweight aluminium for ease of positioning. They are easy to level using steel screw down feet. They are sold as sets of four trays retailing at £539.99 inc VAT per set.

More details from 01268 764 411 or ENDS.


Omex Technology has been very busy lately. They’ve been adding new throttle bodies to their direct-to-head range to fit the Peugeot 106/ Citroën Saxo TU5 engine, Citroën C2 TU5JP4 engine, Ford Furatec 2-litre and also a kit for the Honda S2000 K20F 2-litre.

The throttle bodies feature billet aluminium machined levers and linkages, protective coatings on all major parts, including non-stick coatings of all billet aluminium parts for longevity, stainless steel fittings and adjusters, OEM specification throttle position sensors for proven reliability and are designed for easy set-up and adjustment with all adjusters easily accessible.

More from or 01242 260 656 ENDS. More >


It’s fair to say us Brits love our tea and coffee, but when you’ve got somewhere to go bringing your favourite mug just isn’t practical and even less so when your car has no cup holders!

Richbrook’s stainless steel, insulated ‘Thermo Travel Mug with Holder’ fits ALL vehicles by neatly slotting inside the widow seal, ideal as cup holders are not included on thousands of vehicles – in particular kitcars.

The product features a rather a neat, leak-proof, ‘open and close’ button so your drink of choice is virtually impossible to spill, and it’s a rather pretty piece of kit to boot More >


Webcon has just announced the introduction of an intake manifold to allow fitment of three Weber DCOE or DCOE type flange throttle bodies to the BMW 6 cylinder M20 2-litre, 2.3-litre and 2.5-litre engines.

The one-piece manifold has been specifically manufactured by Webcon in the UK from billet aluminium, and may be ordered as part number MM2161 with a retail price of MM2161 is available from stock and retails at £628.74 inc VAT and is available from 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.


This nifty new heavy duty hose cutter from Laser Tools (part number 6135) may be small in size but it’s big on performance. Its compact dimensions means that it’s great for working in restricted areas and its heat-treated stainless steel blade gives sharp, 90º cuts on hoses from 3mm to 13mm (1/8in to ½in).

The soft grip handles are comfortable to work with and you’ll be able to get right down into the engine bay and make high quality cuts every time.

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist, and terrific value at a typical price of £7.15 inc VAT.

More details from More >

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