V-Maxx’s busy team of engineers have been at it again – this time perfecting and tailoring a range of effective chassis upgrades for the now criminally affordable Toyota MR2 Roadster.

This kit is a direct replacement for the model’s factory springs and has been designed to work effectively with the OEM dampers – or any quality aftermarket offerings. Fitting all of the 1.8-litre engine variants, it’s a great way to get any MR2 sitting and handling better.

As this car is now used as the basis for many kitcars, it’s also an essential when trying to make your car look believably Italian, More >


Webcon has launched a range of In-Rail fuel pressure regulators, which replace most popular OEM types, and changing fuel pressure is now as easy as removing the old unit and replacing with a new, higher pressure or adjustable regulator. Webcon In-Rail regulators are available as follows –

Pressure (bar)              Part Number                RRP £ (inc VAT) 2.5 fixed                     WFR048                     £59.94 3.0 fixed                      WFR024                     £59.94 3.5 fixed                      WFR029                     £86.33 4.0 fixed                      WFR057                     £95.54 4.3 fixed                      WFR055                     £71.74 4.5 fixed                      WFR043                     £109.26 0-5 adjustable              WFR060                     £83.09

Available now More >


New from Frost is Eastwood’s Plastic Re-surfacer Aerosol will restore and re-surface your plastics, returning the materials to their original lustre. Not just another wipe-on coating – this is a permanent repair and gets deep within the plastic to reflow and re-surfaces all faded and chalky bumper, dashboard, car trim, or other plastic automotive parts.

The maker’s claim that survives over seven years of UV light and has passed 2500-hours of ASTM D4587 QUV testing.

Unlike many wipe-on products it actually etches and reflows the surface embedding black resins into the substrate and maintaining the original texture and is compatible with all More >


2015 has been a good year for the Lazer Lamps Triple-R lighting range. Officially launched in the spring.

Now, less than six months later, Lazer Lamps has announced two exciting developments that it feels will make the Triple-R range even more popular within the marketplace.

The first is that the Lazer Lamps Triple-R 750 duo of Standard and Elite models have been granted E-mark certification and are therefore fully legal for use on public roads. Production of models with the all-important E-mark on the lens commenced immediately, so that availability would be assured immediately after this announcement.

Each model possesses over five times More >


Sebring boss, Phil Overall (left), with race engineer, Geoff Kinston, who has devised new suspension and geometry for the Sebring International range of Healey replicas.

Things are moving swiftly at the ‘new’ Sebring International operation, now run by Phil and Sophie Overall, based in Cheltenham. Since acquiring the excellent and well-regarded range of Sebring Healey-inspired models, ex-Broadspeed, TWR and leading BTCC engineer, Phil Overall has been working hard on making the kits easier to build and revising the kit packages.

A recent announcement saw the arrival of BMW E46-generation 3-Series as donor options, which will, I’m certain, prove popular. Phil is also More >


Gloucestershire-based Forge Motorsport has been at the forefront of engineering-led tuning improvement for decades, but not many enthusiasts know about their bespoke fabrication division. Although the mainstay of Forge’s output is beautifully CNC-machined and hand-crafted production items, there also exists a small, but talented team that can crate literally anything for motorsport, specialist manufacturing or prototyping purposes.

Working from the latest Solidworks 3D CAD software, or even ‘a rough sketch off the back of a fag packet’, these talented alloy artisans can produce anything as a one-off. Whether it be a set of titanium wheel nuts for a Bugatti EB110 or More >


The extremely helpful, Stewart Mutch, of Freaky Parts does a nice job supplying Wilwood brake kits for Mazda MX-5-based fitments, which are very popular with MEV builders, in particular, although he also caters for Honda, Mitsubishi and Toyota rice rocket owners, too. He can tailor a fine, bespoke package for you, using any PCD from just £425.

He’ll need your hub and then within a couple of weeks you’ll get your kit. He can also supply lightened alloy flywheels and spacers too. Find out more at or 07977 503 430 ENDS.


For years, Weber 50DCO/SP carburettors have only been available as left-hand or right-hand units, with the outer throttle shaft ends blanked off.

This works well with a conventional distributor ignition system, but as mapped ignition systems have become more widely used, so the demand for a throttle position sensor fitment on the 50DCO/SP has grown.

In response to this demand Webcon has developed a new, unified 50DCO/SP that features throttle shaft at both ends of the carburettor and will allow fitment of a Webcon DCO/SP throttle position sensor kit. Part number 1965000700 can be used for LH or RH fitment, and is More >


Powerflex has just released a new suspension bush for the Caterham 7 de Dion rear suspension models, with or without a Watts linkage.

PFF8-201 Front lower wishbone bush uses a low friction design, while the polyurethane bush holds a low friction bearing that rotates around an accurately machined stainless sleeve.

This combination lets the wishbone pivot effortlessly, thus allowing the damper and spring to work without the added force generated by the original rubber bush loading up. These bushes have a retail price £95.52 inc VAT.

For more details visit or call 01895 460 033 ENDS.


New from Rally Design is this impact wrench, which is unusual in that it offers 450Nm to release the most stubborn nut or bolt, but also tightens at 120Nm to avoid over-tightening or stripped threads.

The set includes two 4Ah lithium batteries, 16 sockets (metric 10-27mm and Imperial ½in-13/16in) plus extension bar, all impact quality.

It also includes a 72-tooth high-quality ratchet wrench and 72-tooth extendable ratchet wrench when hand leverage is required, priced as a set at £197.40 inc VAT.

A professional set, purpose-designed for speedy impact work, makes wheel changing so much less effort.

More from 01227 792 792 or ENDS.

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