Don’t piece together your fuel system with parts that may or may not work together. These Aeroquip Fuel System Plumbing kits from Summit Racing have everything you need to get the job done. That saves you time and effort, plus you get peace of mind knowing your plumbing was done with top-quality components.

Summit Racing has an Aeroquip plumbing kit that fits most Holley, Edelbrock and other aftermarket carburettors as well as kits for Ford engines with Holley carbs and GM units with Quadrajets through to 1974. The packages include -6 AN stainless steel braided hose and the necessary aluminium fittings More >


Part of Laser’s range of tools for hybrid and electric vehicles, these new insulated wrenches (part number 6048) are both GS and VDE certificated and manufactured according to the IEC60900 standard.

As part of strict health and safety regulations, the GS mark is recognised throughout the EU as a symbol of safety and the VDE certification is also highly recognised, assuring that wrenches, screwdrivers and other hand tools are safe to use when working with electricity in a high voltage environment.

The wrenches are manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for strength and wear resistance and feature the most commonly used sizes of More >


Along with Mills Extreme Vehicles, Chris Welch’s Dorsetshire-based Tribute Automotive, is among the most prolific manufacturers, and with his right-hand man, Dan Critchley, is busy preparing the new Tribute 250SWB based on BMW Z3 mechanicals for launch at the National Kit Car Motor Show.

As usual, Chris and Dan, will probably be finishing their preparations with hours to spare before departing for Warwickshire, but typically they’ll get there – literally!

More Tribute news this week involves the Toyota MR2-based body conversion, the DGT, hitherto made by JH Classics, which will now come under their control, with JH boss, John Hurst, concentrating on More >


New version of MEV Exocet looks way cool

First glimpse of the new version of the MEV Exocet due for launch at this weekend’s National Kit Car Motor Show at Stoneleigh and one of a whopping four new models from Stuart Mills.

The ‘new’ Exocet features revised wishbones, HiSpec brakes, plus new headlights, while the car is lighter, stiffer and more aerodynamic, although it’s worth pointing out that the original Exocet remains available.

Some lovely detailing. Looking forward to seeing this one

Obviously, we’ll have more information, including pricing, here next week.

In the meantime, see MEV this weekend at Stoneleigh (Hall 2, next to More >


Webcon has announced a range of Alpha branded foam filters to suit DCOE style twin sidedraught carburettors or throttle bodies. The filters are supplied with blank back-plates to allow them to be fitted to a wide range of applications, and are available in three lengths as follows:

Length . . . . . . . .Part No . . . . . . . . . .    RRP

90mm . . . . . . . .  .AFA250 . . . . . . . .  . .£71.95 inc VAT

120mm . . . . . . . .AFA250-120 . . . . More >


Trim and related accessories gurus, Woolies, has announced that their part number, 233 Rigid Alloy Window Channel is now back in stock after being unavailable for a year.

It’s priced at £20 per 2.5-metre (8ft 2in) length and Woolies also has a choice of two window channel inserts that fit it (part numbers 116 and 117.

Meanwhile, big congratulations due to Woolies director, Duncan Allen, who is celebrating 25-years at the company.

More information from or 01778 347 347 ENDS.


Burton Power has just announced new sump baffles for the Cosworth YB 2wd and 4wd engines.

The baffles are designed to fit within the standard, original sump and help reduce oil Surge, which is commonly experienced under heavy cornering, acceleration and braking. They are a highly recommended fitment for all rebuilds as they offer added protection for roadcars cars but are essential for wet-sumped engines used for trackdays or competition purposes.

The 2wd version wears part number SC1265 and has an RRP at £149.95 inc VAT with the 4wd version (part number SC1266) at £124.99 inc VAT.

More details at the other end More >


Fidanza Performance has announced the reintroduction of their range of lightweight aluminium flywheels for classic Jaguars.

The range includes… MkII (1959-67) 3-/4.2 litre; XJ6 (1969-87) 4.2-litre XJ12 (1976-95) 5.3-/6-litre; XJS (1976-95) 5.3-/6-litre; XK120 (1948-) 3.4-litre; XK140 (1949-) 3.4-litre; XK150 3.4-/3.8-litre; E-type (1961-64) 3.8-litre and E-type (1965-71) 4.2-litre.

If it seems strange that an American company should make parts for these most British of classic cars and engines, it should be remembered that Lou Fidanza had great success in racing classic Jaguars before taking time out to found the company that still bears his name.

Fidanza lightweight flywheels offer…

• Faster throttle response and quicker More >


Momo’s latest gearknob is the SK51 (reminding us that the company is now in its 51st year).

It may be brand new but the style is traditional and reminiscent of items used on open sportscars in the 1960s.

The solid billet aluminium knob adds weight to the shift for more precise and deliberate gear-shifting while the larger diameter is ergonomically better than most stock gear-shift knobs.

Horizontal flutes and hex nut details give this satin finished knob a sense of purpose and the bright yellow MOMO logo proclaims its pedigree.

The SK51 has an RRP of £61.79 inc VAT and is available from 01268 More >


Part of Laser’s ever-increasing range of tools for hybrid and electric vehicles, this newly introduced insulated tool-kit (part number 6150) is both GS and VDE certificated providing the technician with the confidence to work on high voltage systems in the knowledge that the tools are extremely safe and of high quality.

This comprehensive set includes the following: A 3/8in drive ratchet handle; 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19 and 22mm sockets; 175mm combination pliers; 150mm side cutter; 100mm extension bar and T-handle; six open-ended spanners: 7, 8, 12, 14 and 17mm; a cable knife with insulated blade cover; four More >

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