B-G Racing’s String Lines are the easiest and most accurate way to achieve four wheel alignment on almost any car.

The String Line’s frame is fully-adjustable to allow fitment to a wide range of cars and attaches to the vehicle using the rubber-coated hooking arms. All hooks, and tubes, are interchangeable to allow universal fitment.

They are split into three sections giving the possibility of making the bar wider or narrower depending on your requirements, while the bars also have a number of pre-machined grooves for the strings to locate in. This makes the B-G String Lines suitable for cars of different More >


TomTom has announced TomTom MyDrive, a website and app designed to seamlessly connect the car to the digital world. For the first time, drivers can use their smartphone, tablet or PC to review real-time traffic information, plan routes, and send destinations to their TomTom GO, before they get in the car.

TomTom MyDrive is launching with an innovative set of features and will continue to evolve, because the MyDrive platform is open to developers and third parties. This means that innovative driving concepts and applications can be developed and implemented in the future – benefiting drivers all over the world.

At launch, More >


Standard L322 on left, with converted car on right. In the middle is a forthcoming bodykit...

Latest body conversion to hit our market is the DIGhani, which transforms a Mk3 L322 Range Rover (2002-2012) into a current generation L405 (since 2012) model.

We’ve seen Rangey conversion kits before in the form of the Range Over product, which turned a Mk2 P38S (1994-2002) into a pretty convincing visual interpretation of a later L322.

DIGhani is based in Bradford, West Yorkshire and has yet to set prices although they are said to be competitive. We’ll have more information on this one soon.

The website address given More >


Nice line in LED lights

West Midlands-based Spiyda Design is an innovative little company, run by a very clever man indeed!

They design, manufacture and sell niche parts to owners of niche vehicles and their innovative inventory contains some superb products including a variety of clever LED lights, adjustable radiator fan switch and controller, miniature ‘low fuel warning’ light, master warning light module, analogue tachometer and the fiendishly cool Fuel Gauge Wizard, which is a little box of joy.

Tiny Fuel Wizard is a clever gadget

At just £39, the tiny device is ideally suited to kitcar use. It matches senders to gauges, even More >


Trigger-wheels Ltd  based near Cambridge, distributors of the popular Megajolt and Megasquirt/Microsquirt range of engine management systems is pleased to announce the Mk2 version of their RaceCapture/Pro datalogger. RaceCapture/Pro has always delivered the standard functionality you’d expect from a full-featured datalogging platform such as triple-axis accelerometers, yaw sensor, compass and a wide range of flexible analogue, digital and pulse inputs and outputs. The Mk2 brings even more features to the already incredibly well-equipped device.

The product is in stock now, priced at just £407.98 inc VAT or £299.99 inc VAT if you don’t want the telemetry function.

For more information visit ENDS.

More >


Cleaning your car’s interior can be a real hassle if you have to drag your household vacuum onto the driveway each time you have to clean it, especially if you can’t get your car close enough to mains power.

Ring has launched its slim and lightweight Re-chargeable Vacuum cleaner, which boasts a unique motorised brush and charging stand for consistent charging. This ensures the vacuum is always ready for use around the home or vehicle.

The powerful suction brush enables the user to easily clean up pet hair and effectively clean dirt within carpet fibres, without the restriction of a power lead. More >


Design Engineering, the heat protection specialists, can now offer individual tailor-made Titanium Turbo Shield Blankets for T3, T4, T6 and T25/T28 turbines.

DEI Titanium Turbo Shields, with Lava Rock Technology, provide a simple but highly effective means of reducing turbo lag while shielding and protecting engine components, bonnets and painted surfaces from the heat radiated by the turbo. They also add a visual highlight to the engine bay with their very cool carbon-fibre look.

DEI Titanium Turbo Shields are made from pulverised volcanic rock, which is then strained into a fibre material that can withstand direct heat up to 1000 degrees Celsius. More >


Unhappy with the standard method of attacking leather with aggressive cleaners and then smothering it in sticky oils or waxes that lead to dye transfer and trapped dirt (a process that ultimately leads to the degradation of coloured finishes)? Well, the technicians at CődeClean have created two new products that work in combination to clean and protect leather safely and effectively.

CődeClean’s Leather Cleaner (£7 for 500ml) contains a superior blend of soaps and mild solvents to remove a wide range of dirt and contaminants (including blue dye from jeans), leaving a natural finish and barrier that reduces the likelihood of More >


Designed to handle the output of high-powered race engines, Motive Gear Ring and Pinion Sets are a stout upgrade for any performance car. Each ring and pinion set is made with high-quality materials, using a state-of-the art manufacturing process to deliver un-matched reliability.

Summit Racing offers almost 300 Motive Gear Ring and Pinion Gear Sets in many ratios to fit virtually every common axle, including popular Ford, GM and Chrysler rear ends. Drag racers can also get Motive Gear Pro gear sets that are both stronger and lighter than the standard items.

Summit also carries Motive Gear Installation Kits to help complete More >


Laser Tools has recently introduced two oil drain pans designed as a convenient solution for waste oil disposal. Part number 5628 is designed to fit a standard 205-litre (44-gallon) oil drum, fitting snugly around the rim with the drain outlet lining up with the drum’s filler opening.

Part number 6034 is for 20-30-litre drums or containers and features ribbed draining channels and a removable drain filter. Waste oil from containers and filter elements simply drains down into the drum or container below.

The 5628 drain pan is 550mm diameter and 105mm deep, the 6034 350mm diameter and 127mm deep, and both are More >

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