news_pipercrossFiltration expert Pipercross has reminded us all of a small-but-perfectly-formed performance essential in the form of its stainless steel crankcase (or valve cover) breather.

This simple but effective part has been designed to fit onto existing engine crankcase breathers and oil catch tanks to allow oil vapour to vent to atmosphere rather than back into the engine inlet, thus protecting the engine and allowing it to run more efficiently.

Made of sintered stainless steel it has a rubber inlet neck with a simple clamp mechanism for securing and a built in stepped neck to fit 13, 16 or 19mm pipework.

The filter inside is infinitely re-usable, and easily cleanable, making it perfect for high-stress, trackday and motorsport use. The complex foam structure used draws heavily on Pipercross’ BTCC experience, as the firm is supplying almost every leading team on the grid for the 2015 season.

Best of all, each filter is handmade in Pipercross’ UK factor and the Pipercross crankcase breather is a performance essential for any car that is driven hard or road or track. It also happens to look rather good under-bonnet too! RRP is £20.39 inc VAT.

Whichever vehicle you own, with over 3000 applications covered in the range, there’s a good chance they have one to enhance and protect your engine.

For more details on the Pipercross range visit ENDS.