MJS Turbocharged K_Series under build

MJS Turbocharged K-Series under build

In recent years we’ve seen plenty of Rover K-Series engines undergoing tuning and TLC in the TKC Mag/totalkitcar workshop. As a result, I’m a big fan of the engines, particularly in VVC guise.

Lots of instant experts wring their hands about head gasket failures tales of woe, most of which is bandwagon jumping. However, the engine does have an Achilles heel but there are readily available and effective cures.

Our K-Series always go to Charlie and team at CTM Performance in Dagenham although someone else I’d highly recommend is Littlehampton-based MJS Auto & Marine, who in addition to their workshop travel far and wide delivering mobile remedials.

MJS boss, Mike, has many years experience working in the automotive world, including seven years at Ricardo Engineering in Shoreham. His prices are amazingly competitive with a K-Series VVC head gasket repair, new water pump and cambelt (the accepted list of components to sort) costing just £480, which really is a good price.

MJS' bread and butter is sorting out K-Series head gaskets

MJS’ bread and butter is sorting out K-Series head gaskets

Another string to MJS’ bow is their newly introduced turbo kit for the K-Series, which again is a well-developed package that involves the turbocharger from the Rover 75 Turbo model, upgraded fuel pump and head gasket parts. Mike reckons that 220bhp is easily achievable although end result is variable from engine to engine, of course, but when you consider a standard K-Series 1.8-litre unit produces just 118bhp in standard guise is quite a hike. He’s currently developing a kit for the VVC (143bhp or 160bhp) versions. Prices start at £3000 inc VAT.

We’ll be bringing you more information on Mike’s activities in TKC Mag very soon. In the meantime, more information is available from www.mjsautoandmarine.co.uk or 07956 575 220 ENDS.