Jenvey Dynamics has launched a new manifold and throttle body (ITB) kit for the Ford Pinto engine. The new kit is intended for use with 1.8-litre and 2-litre Pinto engines running without a distributor, and is highly modular by design – perfect for configuration for a range of engine bay packaging requirements or aesthetics.news_jenvey

The Jenvey kit provides power gains, improved throttle response and reliability, and is ideal for road, track or race use as a modern alternative to a traditional twin carburettor set-up.

“Jenvey is proud of its innovative reputation, and we invest a lot of time talking to customers to establish where there is a need for new Jenvey products, or where we believe we can make significant improvements to what is already available – the new, Pinto ITB kit for distributorless ignition is a perfect example of Jenvey bringing another exciting new product to market,” says Jenvey Dynamics Ltd. managing director, Mike Jenvey.

“The overhead cam Ford engine has been used for decades in a huge range of vehicles on both the road and track, and is as popular now with race engine builders, trackdayers and Ford enthusiasts as it has ever been. Jenvey’s new ITB kit brings modern technology to a trusted and popular engine, and as a direct alternative to traditional twin-carburettors provides an added dimension for tuners whether they are seeking an increase in power, improved driveability or simply greater reliability for road use.”

The Pinto kit includes the new fuel injection inlet manifold, a pair of twin 45mm throttle bodies, a single-piece aluminium billet fuel rail and 40mm long trumpets. Being modular by design, standard manifolds have additional aluminium to allow for port-matching to modified cylinder heads, machining for throttle bodies up to 50mm and feature undrilled bosses on the underside for air/vacuum take-off. All Jenvey Dynamics ITB s are designed, developed, tested and produced in-house, using the knowledge of over 25 years of industry experience.

Components are crafted using aircraft grade aluminium to provide weight and durability benefits against alternative induction systems, and ensuring strict quality control of every item that carries the Jenvey Dynamics Ltd name.

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