news_bettercarlighting_1Most of us are increasingly aware that the poor lighting on classic and classic-type kitcars cars is a cause for concern. These treasured and much loved machines have none of the safety features we now take for granted and, especially compared to new cars, are virtually invisible on the road.

One of the worst offenders are vehicles that use the ubiquitous Lucas L549 rear lamp, where the bulb faces downwards and there is no reflector, so most of the output is wasted. The same problem stymies LED bulb designers. One conversion involves having to remove the light unit from the car, drilling out the fixings that hold the bulb-holder in place and then fitting a large circuit board covered in LEDs. It’s bright but looks totally wrong with a very ‘dotty’

appearance. It is also not easily reversible it you don’t like the effect.

A new conversion from Better Car Lighting could be the solution. It uses the latest COB LED technology to put a single, high power, very large LED in a self-adhesive metal body that is in the correct place to use the patterns moulded into the lens.

news_bettercarlighting_2It simply plugs into where the bulb used to be. For positive earth cars, there is a simple reversible connector to change the polarity. It is easy and quick to fit and the light can be reverted to standard just as easily.

Most importantly, it is very bright, runs cool and uses a tiny fraction of the power of the standard bulb to help out feeble electrical systems.

More information from or 0121 773 7000 ENDS.