We regularly get sent new-fangled ‘gonna-change-the-world’ products, with most of them pretty rubbish and/or un-necessary. However, sometimes, a device comes along that makes you wonder why no-one thought of it before.

Such a product is Pump Pal, a simple but nicely-made product that keeps the fuel pump trigger in its engaged position, taking pressure off your grip while you refuel your vehicle. If you travel in Europe, you’ll note that petrol stations there treat us like adults and keep the pump’s trigger locking mechanism in place. In the UK, however, it’s removed…

Pump Pal acts as the trigger lock, in a simple and effective More >


The RNHT48 Rivet Nut Hand Tool, launched by MEMFast (Make Ends Meet Limited) four years ago, has now been approved for use by all NATO affiliated organisations worldwide.

This very robust tool, made in the UK, offers great flexibility – it installs M4 to M10 rivet nuts in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass by using a simple ‘spin’ action. There is no stroke to set, it is much tougher and easier to use than conventional hand-pliers and is much more compact than lever type tools.

The extremely vigorous vetting and testing process operated by NATO and its affiliated organisations took more More >


If an old lead acid battery is left uncharged for a long period there is often truth in the old adage ‘that old batteries don’t die they go to sleep’.

This isn’t always the case, of course, and we’ve occasionally and miraculously regenerated a number of batteries in the totalkitcar workshop, although the chances are improved with a new product from Rally Design – .Pacma 5000MA Automatic Battery Charger.

It features the following charging stages –

Step 1 – Removes harmful sulphate deposits

Step 2 – Gently starts charging battery

Step 3 – Charges to 80 per cent

Step 4 – Top charges, vehicle can be More >


Rust is a fact of life. To beat it you need to treat it with a product that′s tried, tested and trusted to do the job. Jenolite has been round for 75-years and removes rust from just about anything and is quick and easy to use.

The newly rust-free metal can then be painted between 30 minutes and 24 hours after application, depending on the Jenolite product you choose. Selecting the right product for the right use is important to ensure ease of application and maximum benefits.

Rust really is bad news. When water meets iron two things happen almost immediately. First, More >


Enabling access from either the front or the side, this new under bonnet service table from Laser Tools (part number 6043) is designed to help when working in the under bonnet area.

Foam rubber bumpers protect the bodywork, and once in position the castors are locked to keep the table secure. Adjust to a convenient working height and the table becomes a safe and very easily accessed work area for tools and equipment.

Parts dividers and screwdriver holder are built into the tray and each compartment has a foam pads. The height is adjustable between 900mm and 1200mm and the load capacity More >


Do you hear that? That little hiss coming from your engine bay? That’s your radiator and cooling system throwing its dummy out on a hot day. A terrible sinking feeling…

Mishimoto Liquid Chill™ Synthetic Engine Coolant and Liquid Chill™ Radiator Coolant Additive are new products that could help.  Formulated to operate under extreme conditions and with both petrol and diesel engines, Liquid Chill™ Synthetic Engine Coolant will help your engine warm up quickly and maintain ideal operating temperatures.

The product combines an inherently non-toxic propylene glycol base with unique poly organic additives (POAT) to allow a service life that can exceed over More >


Edelbrock is now offering the Signature Series Air Cleaners with their popular Pro-Flo Universal Air Filters with the patent pending Pro-Charge Clean Strip.

These filters are an economical way to ensure your engine is getting clean air, without the expense of buying a new filter every few thousand miles. They are constructed for superior filtration and air-flow performance. They feature the Edelbrock exclusive Pro-Charge™ clean strip for easy maintenance.  Each filter is washable and re-usable when used with the Edelbrock Pro-Charge™ Cleaning Kit (#43600).

Edelbrock Pro-Flo 14in round air cleaners work with all popular 5-1/8in diameter carburettors. Signature Series Air Cleaner (#1224) More >


Well-known purveyors of automotive components such as diffentials, Titan Motorsport & Auto Engineering, is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Having grown out of Charles Lucas Engineering, a raceteam running Piers Courage in F3 in 1965, Titan has developed to be a well-respected engineering firm supplying components and engineering solutions to high-profile motorsport teams, specialist car manufacturers, as well as international automotive OEMs.

“This was quite a gradual thing, to shift from complete cars to components, but also a carefully considered move. The demand was clearly there, and it’s never good to have all of your eggs in one basket, so this was More >


Tribute Automotive has announced the addition of the former JH Classics Dino GT and GTS cars, which are based on the brilliantly performing Toyota MR2 Mk2. The moulds have been transferred to Tribute Automotive for the kit production of the JH Classics series one Dino models.

JH Classics now only produce fully built turnkey cars and so Tribute Automotive is the perfect solution to providing good quality bod kits.

The kit package includes the complete front and rear ends, both ready to fit to the donor car after final GRP trimming. The panels are all scribed for the various holes and cut-lines More >


Never ones to rest on their laurels, Zenos Cars has announced the introduction of a finance offer that makes Zenos E10 ownership less complicated, more accessible and affordable. Just how they like it.

The company, run by Ansar Ali and Mark Edwards, is acutely aware that many prospective Zenos customers would welcome a flexible and reasonable payment process that suits their budgetary requirements. So, they’ve done something about it. From just £399 a month customers can drive away in a new Zenos E10 with the finance underwritten by RateSetter, an established finance provider and the UK’s largest peer-to-peer lender by monthly lending More >

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