If you have a classic style kitcar, the benfits of fitting LED lighting is an attractive one but use the wrong product and it will definitely spoil the look of your car.

news_bettercarlighting_1Better Car Lighting has a solution with visible parts that look like they were made in 1960, not 2015, a project that has taken them two year to get right. They can now offer a choice of two or three pin flasher relays, which will work with LED bulbs, standard bulbs, or any combination.

news_bettercarlighting_2They look like an original alloy ‘can’ flasher relay, but have Better Car Lighting’s electronics inside, with a usable range from 0.1w to 150w at 12 volts. More from £35.99 inc VAT.

More information from www.bettercarlighting.co.uk or 0121 773 7000 ENDS.