NuBodi Automotive is the build and sales agent for Tribute Automotive and can supply the full range of kits including the BMW Z3-based Kobra and 250 SWB Kalifornia body conversions.

We visited NuBodi this week and bagged FIRST DRIVE of the latter and were incredibly impressed at the quality of the company’s demo car. I’m on record as being a big fan of the virtues of the Z3 and its benefits as a donor car.

That opinion has been enhanced further after sampling the NuBodi Kalifornia, which when behind the wheel gives the genuine impression of being a sixties car, although when More >


Glenn Renfrew of Just Classic Cars in Lincoln has been working hard on his new Bugatti Type 35 replica. We brought you occasional updates on this one during the build phase.

The first example of the Molsheim Type 35 is now completed. Although it’s not a kit, it’s very specialist, so anything of this nature will always gain attention on this website, as I’ve always said.

Based on a Flatlands Engineering new Beetle floorpan and a brand new big bore SSP2 1641cc twin-carb Beetle engine, much of the car is bespoke, with all-new upholstery, running gear, tyres, the company’s own replica wheels More >


New from Veranti-Lamberti is the V3000ST, based on Mazda MX-5 Mk3, which is clearly inspired by the Austin Healey 3000 but isn’t a replica.

The initial version is the ‘ST’ standing for ‘soft top’ with an HT (hard top) variant to follow. The car is IVA-exempt and the ‘bolt & build’ kit package starts the ball rolling at £3995. More from ENDS.


Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH better-known as RAVENOL has recently launched their new engine oil, RAVENOL EFE ‘Extra Fuel Economy’ SAE 0W-16.

The German lubricants manufacturer is the first company to release an engine oil with the viscosity 0W-16 on the market and the oil is first of the new generation of low viscosity engine oils in the world to be approved and licensed with the specification ‘API SN’ by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

This futuristic low viscosity lubricant, which uses revolutionary new additives such as Tri-nuclearem Molybdenum and OFM (Organic Friction Modifiers) to give it unique properties has been demonstrated to provide More >


Heat-shrink tubing is the ideal way to repair and refurbish worn and cracked insulation of vehicle wiring or to insulate new wiring connections when adding accessories. This new kit from Laser Tools (part number 6076) includes a butane gas powered heat torch as well as a useful and generous selection of heat shrink tubing.

It can be tempting to use a flame on heat-shrink tubing, but this heat is un-controlled and unless great care is taken the tubing can burn and become damaged. The butane powered gas torch in the kit provides a very soft, even heat that is ideal for More >


New from Frost Auto Restoration Techniques is Eastwood’s Plastic Resurfacer Aerosol, which is a permanent repair that will restore and re-surface your plastics, returning the materials to their original lustre.

This is not simply another plain paint or wipe-on coating, it gets deep within the plastic to re-flow and re-surface all faded and chalky bumpers, dashboards, car trim, or other plastic automotive parts.

A perfect quick way to bring back that factory fresh, deep black finish!

Eastwood’s Plastic Resurfacer costs £29.62 and is available from ENDS.


The first production example of the VŪHL 05 sportscar has been delivered to a Mexican enthusiast, who remarked at the recent VIP handover: “My supercar collection was simply not complete without an 05 – this car is serious fun and offers a uniquely raw driving experience!”

Resplendent in all-carbon bodywork, it is the first of several VŪHLs destined for the Mexican roads this year. The street legal road/track car will soon be seen in the Middle East too, as the company’s newly-appointed dealer for that area has ordered a number of 05s.

The VŪHL 05 first hit the headlines at the 2013 More >


Latest product from GoPro is the Hero4 Session, a smaller, lighter and most convenient camera yet. It features a rugged and waterproof design, welcome and easy to use one-button control, 1080p x 60 video and 8-megapixel photos.

The neat, new GoPro Hero4 Session package costs £329 and can be bought from your nearest dealer or direct via – ENDS.


If you are looking for a cooling system for your project, replacement parts or an upgrade, then those masters of such equipment, Castle Combe-based Merlin Motorsport can surely help. They have more widgets, pipes and hoses than you can shake a crooked stick at.

To go with your hoses they have a large range of aluminium hose joiners and they can make joiners beaded to your own specified length. They can also bend certain types of aluminium tube to your specification, while another option for hose joiners is their pre-made, highly polished joiners made from T6 grade Aluminium, suitable for welding and More >


When cutting new threads or even chasing and cleaning existing threads, the traditional T-piece-type tap holder can be awkward to manage and keep straight when working in cramped on inaccessible conditions.

This tap socket set from Laser Tools (part number 6058) enables the use of standard ¼in or 3/8in drive ratchet handles, extensions and other accessories to grip and hold the tap and greatly increase accessibility.

The sockets are manufactured from chrome vanadium for strength and are magnetic to hold the taps securely. The square-section sockets are sized to fit commonly used taps: the four ¼in drive sockets are 1mm, 2mm, 3mm More >

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