Powerflex has just introduced two different options for uprating the rear control arm used on BMW E36, E46, Z1, X3 and Z4. The first is a complete replacement rear control arm kit.

PFR5-4615G Adjustable Rear Control Arm provides on-car rear camber adjustment, allowing a +1.0° to -3.0° change for precision alignment. This can be used to correct excessive camber on heavily lowered cars.

These arms include high performance polyurethane bushes that are suitable for road and track use without the discomfort and poor longevity issues associated with spherical joints with an RRP of £143.94 inc VAT.

Alternatively, PFR5-4616 Rear Control Arm Inner Bush Pack replaces the original bushes in the original arms for those not looking to make changes to vehicle geometry and is priced at £74.28 inc VAT.

For vehicles used in motorsport or predominately on track, these bushes are also available in the Powerflex Black Series range, which is manufactured using a 95 Shore A compound that boasts 25 per cent increased stiffness over the Powerflex purple 80 Shore A performance material.

Powerflex bushes offer improved reliability over the original parts and carry a lifetime warranty.

For more details visit or call 01895 460 033 ENDS.