The original Mini is one of those rare cars that blurs the boundary between the car world and the real world, no mean feat when its decidedly humble origins are taken into account. The 1960s saw it become about as fashionable as is possible for a small, mass-market car to be, a truly classless icon that was just as at home in Mayfair as it was in Middlesbrough.

The Mini lived on long after the sixties though, into the decade that taste forgot and then the go-getting 80s. It soldiered right on through the 1990s and was only finally replaced at the tail end of the twentieth century, a victim of ever more stringent emissions and safety regulations. The fundamental traits that made the Mini such a hit are still in evidence now; sharp, timeless styling, a keen chassis and simple, reliable mechanicals. All of this means that the classic Mini is going nowhere fast, especially when you consider the massive aftermarket support the model enjoys.

While there’s no doubting the continued cult appeal of the BMC/BL/Austin Mini, the world of automotive technology has come a long way in the last fifty or so years, and nowhere does this ring truer than when discussing brakes. Naturally this is an area of expertise for Goodridge, the UK’s foremost supplier of braided brake lines. These are standard issue equipment on competition cars of all types and sizes, but that doesn’t mean that they’re only of use when tackling race circuits. The ability to stop quickly, smoothly and reliably is every bit as applicable to road cars as it is to full-fat racers, and this belief is what lies at the very heart of Goodridge’s comprehensive range of braided steel hoses, with the latest addition being the Mini.

Joining the firm’s already impressively well stocked Phantom line, Goodridge’s kit will offer performance-oriented Mini owners a wealth of benefits at a very reasonable price point. Chief among these is the hugely improved brake efficiency offered by modern braided hoses, unrivaled reliability and longevity, and a complete absence of that most irritating and potentially dangerous of traits, brake pedal sponginess. Owners even have a choice of ten distinct colours to pick from, meaning that there’s no danger of saddling their pride and joy with garish, clashing hues.

The Goodridge range actually caters for every classic Mini, from those early stalwarts of the ’50s, right up to the plush run-outs sold as a last hurrah in 1999 and 2000. This latest addition is aimed squarely at those cars made from 1984 onwards though, specifically those sold with an overhauled brake disc and drum arrangement. Goodridge’s commitment to excellent design and careful development means that all their braided hoses will fit perfectly, requiring the minimum of fuss and ensuring swift installation.

Goodridge’s position as the world’s leading manufacturer of performance fluid transfer systems means that they’re perfectly placed to push brake line development on and drive innovation, but this hasn’t come at he expense of quality or careful product design. The firm’s reputation for technical excellence and dependability has been cemented by superb attention to detail and customer care. A good example of this can be found in the within the Phantom line itself, namely the fact that no universal fittings are employed in the stainless steel braided brake line kits – all components are designed and manufactured to suit individual applications. It’s also worth noting that very line is comprehensively pressure tested before it leaves Goodridge’s state of the art factory so that customers can have absolute confidence in its functioning. Little wonder Goodridge brake lines are TUV, DOT, ADR and ISO approved.

Owners of Alec Issigonis’s masterpiece could do a lot worse than choosing to upgrade their cars with Goodridge braided hoses, with massive improvements in both brake feel and capability now on offer and available right away.

Price: £79.80 inc VAT.

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