Cheltenham-based Equilibrium Kit Cars (EKC) was at Castle Combe last weekend with the Sonic 7. This was designed by Stuart ‘MEV’ Mills and Equlibrium purchased the rights to the former MEV model in 2015.

Run by Angus and Kate Weijers, the Sonic 7 is now back in production and I’m sure they’ll do nicely with the very attractive two-seater that offers a definite alternative to a Lotus Seven-inspired sportscar.

Prices have been announced and starter kits cost £2500, which gets you started with a spaceframe chassis and related components, while a standard body/chassis package costs £4500. Looking through the company’s pricelist it’s More >


The T6, Triumph Spitfire Le Mans replica is now available from Lincoln-based, S&M Triumph Restoration, run by Mathew Lambkin-Smith and Sarah Meecham. They can supply parts, offer repairs and do all sorts of restoration work on most Triumph models with TRs a speciality.

Although the company is a young one, the duo have over 12-years’ experience restoring classic cars and building engines, from mild road-spec to wild full-on race engines.

It follows, therefore, that the T6 is a logical bolt-on to what they do and complimentary to their main business. Body kits cost £6850 and include the main tub, plus doors, spare More >


The work of Nottingham-based tuners and modifiers, Turismo UK, impresses me. They debuted with their Porsche-inspired Toyota MR2 Mk3-based body conversion, which is a visually stunning offering.

Bodykit prices start at £4995 and that buys you the hardware you need to convert an MR2 although a host of optional dress-up items are also available including engine cover, ‘Speedster’ panel, interior console kit, and a dummy brake caliper package.

The company has recently introduced a second model, Evolution GT, which replicates the Gemballa Mirage, itself a tuned and restyle on the Porsche Carrera GT supercar. Notably, this one uses a Porsche Boxster Mk1 More >


The B-G Racing Quick Release system allows for quick and easy removal of the steering wheel from the column, making it much easier to get in and out of any race car or kitcar.

The system features a 20mm steel splined shaft available in a choice of 5/8in, 3/4in and 1″in diameters to be welded to the steering column. These are cross compatible. The steering wheel mounting plate comes with two sets of holes pre-drilled for two different bolt patterns: 6 x 70mm to suit MOMO, OMP and Sparco steering wheels and 6 x 74mm to suit Nardi and Personal steering More >


A while ago Merlin Motorsport identified a problem on some vehicles where the suspension bumpstop did not prevent the vehicle from grounding out and damaging the wheel arches.

To address this Merlin had Nylon C Washers manufacturers, which allow packing of the bumpstop ensuring the vehicle does not bottom out. A cheap and simple to solution to look after your car and improve performance.

Used in stacks round the rod to achieve the depth required and available in five sizes to fit various rod diameters.

3mm THICK NYLON C WASHERS to find out out more with pack of 10 washers costing £13.50 ENDS.

More >


Packing a lot of power into a small engine bay can also mean trapping a lot of heat in there as well and that heat can have a detrimental effect on components such as starter motors.

America’s Design Engineering Inc. has just introduced a new Starter Shield specifically designed for smaller starters as found on European and Japanese four cylinder engines (and bike-engined cars for that matter).

The mini Versa Starter Shield (don’t read too much into the ‘mini’ name – it works fine on Minis but fits a lot more besides) is made from an aluminised heat reflective material backed with More >


German styling specialists FOLIATEC® thought it was time to inject a little adventure into choosing car colours and came up with this spray film that changes colour depending on the angle you view it at and the incidence of light.

Either the green or violet pigment will dominate, making for unique plays of colour. Like other shades in the FOLIATEC® Carbody Spray Film range, the film can be peeled off if you want a change or decide to revert to the original vehicle colour; however once fully cured it will withstand car washes while also offering an extra layer of protection More >


A good spark is essential to good performance and Mini Spares’ latest 8mm blue ignition leads have been designed for competition and produced by Lucas to ensure the highest performance – no bragging, just fact.

The price is also highly competitive at just £15.83 inc VAT for the five wire set complete with pre-fitted plug caps and a separator bar. Many competition lead sets would cost over five times more!

Order as part number C-27H7779BLUE with more details from 01707 607 700 or ENDS.


Bolstering its already comprehensive range of tyres for vehicles of all types and sizes, Toyo has announced the Celsius, a new all-season, all weather tyre that promises to bring peace of mind and added safety to owners.

While the capabilities and traits offered by specialised tyres are certainly deeply impressive, it’s worth taking the time to stop and consider just how amazing more general, all-season tyres actually are, particularly when you bear in mind the myriad different conditions they’re expected to deal with. Joining its already impressive range of all-season rubber, Toyo’s Celsius benefits from the firm’s years of expertise, and More >


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