Britemax Grime Out is an effective degreaser that quickly dissolves brake dust, engine grease, embedded dirt in rubber, bugs, tar, salt and hard water spots on glass.

It performs where traditional cleaners fail, it turns tyres black and white walls and white lettering bright white. Excellent for removing show scuffs from door panels and wax residue from rubber and plastic trim. The product is also an excellent wash additive for extremely dirty vehicles. Does not contain acids or heavy solvents and is fully biodegradable.

Grime Out retails at £10.99 (709ml) or £22.99 for a large 3.78-litre bottle.

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This new mini blow-gun introduced by Laser Tools (part no: 5539) has an innovative venturi-effect design to the head, which draws in ambient air and significantly boosts air flow. The mini blow-gun consumes 6.55-cfm from the compressor but the output is 13-cfm making this a very effective tool.

Many uses around the workshop and particularly valuable in bodyshops.

Available now and terrific value at a retail price of £11.44 but remember to check your local Laser Tools supplier for the best prices and special offers.

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A torch is a glove box essential, especially for a break down at night. Having that source of light will provide security and peace of mind when stranded on the side of the motorway.

However, batteries have a shelf life and are affected by cold. Having a torch in the glove box is a great precaution, but only when it works.

To ensure you not only have a light source in the car, but one that works when you need it, Ring has launched the Rechargeable Car Torch.

The torch simply plugs it into the car’s 12v socket. This provides the power to More >


Want to add heat and sound proofing to your car without adding a massive extra weight? Boom Mat’s Under Carpet Lite (UC Lite) could be just what you’re looking for.

It’s a lightweight thermal insulation and a superior sound absorber for hard-to-cover areas like door liners, rear parcel shelves, headliners and more.

The multilayer composite material is said to offer un-matched thermal and acoustic protection in an extremely flexible lightweight material. In controlled tests, it has been proven to insulate up to 85 per cent of un-wanted heat.

Under Carpet Lite is manufactured with four layers of high tech composite material – three More >


The designers at Calibre Wheels are not exactly a timid bunch. Never ones to shy away from cutting-edge design, the latest design from the leading wheel house takes a look backward for its inspiration and a look forward for its finish and styling. Stand by your beds, the THREE SPOKE is making a comeback as the look for 2013, apparently.

Anyone who remembers the trend the first time round can recall just how good it can look when executed to perfection (think Brabus and Saab as two great exponents of the craft.) The CR-III balances perfectly proportioned spokes with superb pseudo More >


Jenvey has announced the TP11 Throttle Position Sensor based on the successful motorsport items produced by Variohm.

This excellent design features a potentiometer with multiple fingered wipers to ensure good contact, even under severe vibration.

A conductive plastic track provides durability and extended life expectancy.

The sensor has excellent temperature co-efficiency making for more stable readings at all positions.  The sensor is sealed to a minimum of IP65 specifications.

Despite these superb features the TP11 retails at just £68 inc VAT with more information available via or at the other end of 01746 768 810 ENDS.


Ignition coils for classic cars tend to all look the same, but the fact is, there are some important differences between them, which is why Mini Spares offer a full range of all the coils you are likely to need for a Classic Mini.

Coil for Non Ballast/Points Ignition Minis up to 1983…this is the original Mini coil fitted to all cars up to the introduction of the ballast type in 1984, with part number GCL216 – £15.60 inc VAT.

Coil for Ballast Ignition – 1983 Minis until 1989 – 998cc only…part number GCL217 (this aftermarket version has the same spec as More >


Back in the days before power steering, large diameter steering wheels were necessary to give the driver enough leverage to manoeuvre at slow speeds.

With the advent of EZ Electric Power Steering a kit or classic car can be steered at walking pace without effort – and that means that the diameter of the steering wheel can therefore be reduced to provide a better driving position, easier entry and exit, more legroom and more direct steering.

However, rather than fit an extremely small steering wheel that could look out of place in a classic car or replica and also perhaps block the More >


Put simply, your brakes are your life, so it pays to choose reputable components when uprating a brake system. With a long history and numerous achievements it all forms of motorsport there cannot be many names more reputable than Cosworth.

The company has now produced their own brand of stainless steel brake lines.

They are finished in a protective black PVC cover and the end fittings are swaged together for durability and are protected with a heat-shrunk rubber cover, bearing the Cosworth logo as proof of pedigree. As you would expect of Cosworth all lines are thoroughly pressure-tested before released from the More >


Stylish new windscreen option for Tiger GTA

Tiger Racing launched their full-bodied GTA model at Stoneleigh in 2011, which also offers Tiger Avon owners the opportunity to re-body their budget Lotus Seven-inspired as the GTA fits on the same chassis.

Adding to the GTA’s appeal is a newly-announced windscreen option that looks way cool with Tiger’s own cast alloy ‘screen uprights, with new Perspex® wind deflectors.

A three wiper set-up keeps the windscreen clear and helps with driver vision during inclement weather conditions.

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