I was really pleased to hear from Phil Overall, boss of Sebring International with images of the newly-completed demonstrator, now based on BMW E46 3-Series mechanicals and looking – to these eyes – absolutely exquisite.

BMW components opens the iconic specialist car brand up to a whole new audience and Phil, his wife, Sophie and team have worked long and hard and overcome a few hurdles to get to where they are now; fully ready to offer kit packages and fully built Sebrings.

The range consists of SX and MX and to make these very attractive packages even more mouth-watering is a quite extraordinary special offer included within the kit price.

For a limited time, Sebring International will source a suitable donor car and strip and store the parts until the customer is ready and will also supply the chassis with the engine already fitted. How good is that…

Yep, that's a BMW engine under the bonnet!

Yep, that’s a BMW engine under the bonnet!

More information is available from or at the other end of 07753 717 552 ENDS.