B-G Racing has just announced a new addition to its range of precision instruments for the workshop and pits.

This highly accurate B-G Racing Digital Dual Axis Angle Gauge can be used to measure absolute and relative angles through a full 360° in single axis mode, and +/- 40° in dual axis mode.

A five-face magnetic construction with V-shaped grooves allows for easy, secure mounting to the required surface, while a rechargeable, extended life, lithium-ion battery and auto-off function allow for up to 40-hours operating time before recharging is required.

The large backlit LCD screen displays measurements to an accuracy of 0.1° with a resolution of 0.02°, and rotates through 4×90° to ensure the display remains upright at all times.

Additional features include a hold button to freeze the display, and a programmable audio alarm to notify the user when a measurement is either within or outside of a pre-set range either side of the chosen angle.

USB and mains charger included in the kit and the unit is priced at £107.99 inc VAT with more details at the other end of 01268 764 411 or via ENDS.