Eurax has announced that it is now the exclusive UK distributor of ISSE products, including their Snow Sock range.

Snow socks have been around for years now and have established themselves as a superior solution to snow chains for driving in snow; they are easier to carry, fit and remove as well as being cheaper.

Now ISSE has taken things a step further by making their Super Snow Sock suitable for driving on snow-free and ice-free tarmac (up to 30mph) while providing better grip into the bargain.

Now there is no need to take the snow socks off until you reach the end of the slippery surface. They will work on patchy snow, slush and ice as well as deep snow; you can even continue driving on snow-free tarmac, so there is no need to remove the snow socks until you get home.

ISSE Snow Socks are easy to fit, require no fasteners, no need to jack the vehicle up and no need to reach behind the wheel or under the car. They are made from highly-resistant polyolfin and are re-usable and washable.

Prices start at £49.99 inc VAT for the Classic and £69.99 inc VAT for the Super.

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