Specialty Fasteners and Components is a well-known namey in the race, classic and specialist car sectors, especially for their AeroCatch product.

They recently launched AeroLoc®, which are reliable and consistent self-ejecting quarter-turn fasteners setting new standards. Available in cross-recess and bail-handle head styles, these strong and easy-to-use fasteners come in a variety of sizes to suit common panel thicknesses.

The positive lock enhances security as the stud stays fixed in place. The self-ejecting spring makes panel removal quick and easy. The choice of head styles makes AeroLoc ideal for hand or tool operation.

They are also compatible and retro-fit if you use DZus EHF5 series.

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Laser Tools has just released their new Car Battery Tester (part number 6803), which quickly and accurately measures the cold cranking amps (CCA) capability of the vehicle starting battery, also measures battery health and assists in pinpointing common faults in the vehicle starting and charging systems.

The convenient hand-held device tests all automotive starting batteries, including lead acid, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) flat plate, AGM spiral wound, GEL batteries, and EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery). It also detects bad cells. It is reverse polarity protected – will not damage the device, the battery or the vehicle.

The initial battery test analyses battery health More >


New from obp are these very cool and useful rebuild kits for the ubiquitous Girling Brake Master Cylinder, featuring all the parts needed to make your old cylinder like new again.

There are three sizes available – 0.625 (15.88mm part number obprp625); 0.7 (17.78mm obprp7) and 0.75 (19.08mm obprp75) with prices from just £12.

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These cool new fuel caps from Wolverhampton-based ‘Ceandess’ might well appeal to you, dear reader. The company can produce bespoke or pattern caps made for your car from modern materials to a variety of classic designs.

They come in various finishes and can also be colour-coded to add a finishing touch or a bit of individuality to your project.

Prices are competitive from just £26.99 with more information available from ENDS.


After a recent ruling by the European Court of Justice, Heritage Car Insurance is warning drivers that they could see huge changes to motor insurance law, which will improve the way victims can claim compensation in a wider range of circumstances.

This review was prompted by a ruling by the European courts in 2014, which resulted in the Vnuk judgment, a case which has now sparked a review of the current motor insurance law and will have an impact in the UK regardless of the EU status.

The UK government is currently consulting on the potential amendments and Heritage is encouraging people to More >


If you’re looking for the best way to activate your vehicle’s power reserves, then the products of RaceChip may well be of interest.

They claim to be able to enhance acceleration, increase torque, while giving you better fuel economy from your engine while staying within the unit’s tolerances. RaceChip is a plug-in processor that’s perfectly tuned to the demands of modern engines providing up to 30 per cent increase in power and torque.

Made in Germany, they come complete with a comprehensive service and warranty package that includes both a one- or two-year engine warranty and five-year product guarantee. Unlike remapping, RaceChip More >


Brown & Geeson has been appointed as the European distributors of RPS Lithium Racing Batteries.

RPS sealed batteries offer… • A weight saving of approximately 70 per cent over conventional batteries. • A smaller size than conventional  batteries. • A faster recharge than conventional batteries. • A lower self-discharge than conventional batteries. • A longer service life than conventional batteries.

They can be fitted in any position, even inverted, and require no checking or topping up. This makes them ideal for all vehicles – even classic cars that only see occasional use as well as modified track or race cars where they can be More >


Burton Power’s 2017 catalogue is available now over the counter at their store in Ilford, Essex, by request from the company’s website and it will be sent free of charge to all customers that are registered with them.

The latest edition, is as usual essential reading for any modern or classic Ford fan as well as anyone with a Ford based kitcar.

Best of all – it’s FREE!. 

for further details contact Burton Power on 0208 554 2281or download a digital copy via ENDS.


Boom Mat’s Under Hood Acoustic and Thermal Liner is designed primarily for the engine compartment as a way to greatly reduce heat and noise with an easy peel-and-stick product that anyone can install. 

Engine heat and noise can often be a problem with high-performance and modified vehicles packed with go-faster components or on classics, which have less than effective sound proofing. The use of Boom Mat’s Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining can help solve these problems.

The product will protect paint and fibreglass components from heat damage while also resisting mould and mildew formation on cars that spend months at a time in More >


Powerflex has just introduced some new engine mounts for the MG TF.

The two new engine mounts reduce unnecessary engine movement, providing a more direct power delivery to the wheels, with greater stability during acceleration and improved gear changes. PFR34-230 Upper Engine Mount Torque Bush £26.94 inc. VAT PFR34-231 Lower Engine Mount Stabiliser Bush £26.34 inc. VAT

Powerflex bushes offer improved reliability over the original parts and, of course, carry a Lifetime Warranty.

For more details visit  or call them on 01895 460 033 ENDS.