The world of aftermarket tuning is fast-paced and ceaselessly evolving, so much so that it can be all too easy to overlook both the charms and the benefits of old-school thinking, albeit when paired with cutting-edge technology.

Case in point, the latest addition to the MX5parts range, an all-new carbon-fibre airbox for the Mk4/ND MX-5 from Pipercross-Arma Speed. Stunningly realised, free-flowing and proven to be hugely effective, the airbox makes the ideal upgrade for any owner seeking to extract greater performance from their car.

Carbon-fibre has long been lauded as one of the most exotic (not to mention one of the coolest) More >




I was down at Sevens and Classics’ latest open day during the festive period. Held, as usual at their showroom located within the Brands Hatch complex and this one was arguably the busiest yet.

The company was set-up by former Caterham Cars men, Andy Noble and Tim Ward in 2012 and understandably they have a bit of a specialisation with all things Lotus and Caterham Seven and always have specially selected finest examples of the breed available.

The company also deals in classic British sportscars, Classic Minis and generally interesting cars as well as desirable motorbikes.

Noble had pushed the boat More >


Traditional heating works by setting the temperature using a thermostat to maintain a room’s temperature, regardless of whether space is used constantly or only occasionally. A garage, spare bedroom, children’s playroom, conservatory, office workspace or shed may have an infrequent use, but in the colder weather still, need warming up.  

The new MeacoHeat Motion heaters with their unique motion detection sensors can be used as stand-alone heaters for these spaces, as they will only switch on when a person walks into the room. When they leave the room they will switch off, saving money on heating bills as well as More >


Here’s a very interesting new arrival that will appeal to MGF owners or those running some kitcars or body conversions based on same.

Well-known MGF parts specialist and designer, Mike Satur, has recently announced a world first coil-over suspension kit that replaces the often tired Hydragas set-up. Although it was a brilliant design for its time it has always been a compromise due to budget restraints and internal politics at MG Rover.

By the time the MGF came along in 1995, MG Rover needed a cheap solution and fast. So, they pressed the old Hydragas system from the Metro into two-seat sportscar use.

The new More >


Burton Power has announced that it can now supply steel sump pans for the Ford CVH 1.3-, 1.4-, 1.6-litre and RS Turbo engines.

The sump is suitable for most CVH-powered Escort Mk3/4/5/6 models including XR3i, RS1600i, RS Turbo versions, Orion Mk1/2, Fiesta Mk2/3 including XR2i and RS Turbo versions, 1989 to 1993 Sierra 1.6 as well as the Morgan 4/4 1.6 and Reliant Scimitar SS1, SST and Sabre 1.4. Not to mention thousands of kitcars, too.

It can be ordered as part number CV650 and retails at £58.50 inc VAT with more details available from 0208 554 2281 or ENDS.

More >


B-G Racing’s Quick Lift Jacks are engineered and manufactured with durability and ease of use in mind. They are suitable for a wide range of vehicles including formula, saloon and rally.

All four sizes feature a very low closed height and are designed to locate beneath the differential and front or rear chassis members, thus raising the car to a fixed height in one swift movement. A safety locking device, which is quick and easy to use, ensures the handle cannot be raised unintentionally.

B-G Racing’s Quick Lift Jacks are produced from high-grade mild steel with a durable and highly visible red powdercoated finish. More >


Moss Europe has announced new five-speed gearbox conversion kits for the MGA and MGB. 

The kits are based on a brand new Mazda MX-5 gearbox and give the MGA and MGB the slick gear changes that have become synonymous with the MX-5, together with a fifth gear for relaxed cruising.

They are supplied fully-assembled with a bespoke cast bellhousing and casing designed to fit directly to the MG’s engine back-plate. The bellhousing flange has been designed to resemble the standard gearbox thus preserving engine bay originality.

Each conversion kit uses the flywheel applicable to the engine, an appropriate clutch cover and a Mazda OE More >


Laser Tools is well-known for specialist solutions and their new hose clamp removal tool (part number 6938) is specifically designed to release Henn-type connector clamps used commonly on air, intercooler and cooling system hoses.

The design of this type of clamp needs a specialist tool to withdraw the spring clip to release the fitting. The Laser 6938 is a compact design for ease of access in cramped conditions and the release head also swivels through 90º to further assist access. Pulling or rotating the T-handle neatly withdraws the spring clip and releases the clamp.

No need to wrestle with screwdrivers or pliers, More >


A manufacturer that keeps a very low-profile is Tomcat Motorsport. The Lincolnshire-based company was set up in 2001 to manufacture the Drew Bowler-designed Tomcat range after he moved on to the Wildcat model.

Tomcat 100

Founded by Paul Williamson, Ian Frame and Steve Wells the Tomcat range consists of five separate variants – 80 (smallest and short wheelbase version ideally suited to the discipline of trials), 88 (aimed at the ARC market and arguably the most versatile Tomcat model), 93 (based on Land Rover 90), 100 (the most popular based on Range Rover Classic or Discovery) and 106 (full-on competition version that More >


This new ratchet action pipe cutter from Laser Tools (part number 6736) combines a very handy and compact pipe cutter with a lightweight but very robust alloy ratchet handle.

The pipe cutter is easily attached to the handle which provides a very smooth and positive ratchet action. Although ideal for automotive brake and fuel lines, the cutter will open out to a full 15 millimetres which offers great versatility. For example, it will make light work of cutting a 15mm copper heating pipe.

However, without the ratchet handle, the cutter’s handy size makes it easy to use underneath a vehicle when cutting More >

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