This new temporary tyre repair kit (part number 6806) is ideal for repairing punctures on tubeless tyres fitted to agricultural and off-road vehicles. The repair plugs allow tubeless tyres to be repaired without removing the tyre from the wheel.

Simply find and remove the object that is causing the puncture from the tire; then use the supplied reamer tool to clean out the puncture hole. Fit the repair plug (15 are supplied) to the insertion hook tool and coat the plug with rubber solution. Push the repair plug through the puncture hole until about 10-15mm remains outside the tyre. Then remove More >


For many years, Webcon has supplied the finest quality DCOE mounting cups and grommets individually to allow some flexibility in the carburettor’s mounting. These are now available in handy complete carburettor sets. The cup washers are manufactured to a very specific thickness and depth and are yellow passivate coated. The grommets are manufactured to Webcon’s very specific levels of hardness and flexibility. Both parts are designed to offer outstanding performance in the most demanding of conditions and should not be confused with inferior versions that are on the market.

Part number 9900557100W4 is priced at £10.89 inc VAT.

Available directly from Webcon More >


Valid until February 28, 2018, Sealey’s latest promotion contains hundreds of products, which are featured at superb offer prices throughout the 48-pages, saving you up to 74 per cent.

Here are a few of the deals on offer. On the front cover, Sealey has their 2000CJX – 2tonne Combination Trolley Jack.  A single-piece hydraulic unit with a heavy base design which is fitted with a safety overload valve and pump-through-valve to prevent the handle locking at maximum ram extension.  Incorporating heavy-duty castors and fitted with brakes, this jack is perfect as a quad or bike lift as well as a standard jack. More >


The MOMO Indy Heritage is traditionally finished in beautiful mahogany wood with a glossy finish. The 350mm diameter rim is accented with brushed aluminium spokes and the iconic Heritage MOMO Logo is featured on the horn button and engraved on the bottom spoke to leave no one in any doubt as to this wheel’s pedigree.

This beautiful classic wooden steering wheel reflects the true heritage of MOMO, harking all the way back to the company’s beginnings in 1964. Class, quality and style!

Retail Price £242.39 inc VAT.

For more details contact Brown & Geeson Ltd. 01268 764 411 or visit their website: ENDS.

More >


Mini Spares has just released a multi-layer steel (MLS) head gasket that is suitable for both full-race and high-performance road applications. The MLS gasket is especially suitable for eight-port and five-port alloy applications because these gaskets do not use fire rings, which can damage the soft alloy surface.

The gasket is for 73.5mm bore and is 30mm thick.

Retail price is £62.95 inc VAT with more details from 01707 607 700 or via ENDS.


Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI), manufacturer of innovative thermal and acoustic products for automotive and powersports applications, has just released its latest product catalogue – Innovative Heat & Sound Control Solutions.

The new catalogue includes close to seventy new DEI and Boom Mat part numbers featuring thermal and acoustic solutions for kitcars, classics, muscle cars, grassroots or Sportsman racing, street rods, street or off-road trucks, ATV/UTVs and daily drivers.

New products include the company’s new GOLD series: GOLD Cool Cover™, Heat Sheath™ and Heat Shroud™ for maximum line and hose protection, especially under the harsh environment of high output racing. DEI’s new GOLD More >


The world of aftermarket tuning is fast-paced and ceaselessly evolving, so much so that it can be all too easy to overlook both the charms and the benefits of old-school thinking, albeit when paired with cutting-edge technology.

Case in point, the latest addition to the MX5parts range, an all-new carbon-fibre airbox for the Mk4/ND MX-5 from Pipercross-Arma Speed. Stunningly realised, free-flowing and proven to be hugely effective, the airbox makes the ideal upgrade for any owner seeking to extract greater performance from their car.

Carbon-fibre has long been lauded as one of the most exotic (not to mention one of the coolest) More >




I was down at Sevens and Classics’ latest open day during the festive period. Held, as usual at their showroom located within the Brands Hatch complex and this one was arguably the busiest yet.

The company was set-up by former Caterham Cars men, Andy Noble and Tim Ward in 2012 and understandably they have a bit of a specialisation with all things Lotus and Caterham Seven and always have specially selected finest examples of the breed available.

The company also deals in classic British sportscars, Classic Minis and generally interesting cars as well as desirable motorbikes.

Noble had pushed the boat More >


Traditional heating works by setting the temperature using a thermostat to maintain a room’s temperature, regardless of whether space is used constantly or only occasionally. A garage, spare bedroom, children’s playroom, conservatory, office workspace or shed may have an infrequent use, but in the colder weather still, need warming up.  

The new MeacoHeat Motion heaters with their unique motion detection sensors can be used as stand-alone heaters for these spaces, as they will only switch on when a person walks into the room. When they leave the room they will switch off, saving money on heating bills as well as More >


Here’s a very interesting new arrival that will appeal to MGF owners or those running some kitcars or body conversions based on same.

Well-known MGF parts specialist and designer, Mike Satur, has recently announced a world first coil-over suspension kit that replaces the often tired Hydragas set-up. Although it was a brilliant design for its time it has always been a compromise due to budget restraints and internal politics at MG Rover.

By the time the MGF came along in 1995, MG Rover needed a cheap solution and fast. So, they pressed the old Hydragas system from the Metro into two-seat sportscar use.

The new More >

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