We’ve all been there, struggling to get on a particularly horrid and un-sporting-like nut, usually in a dark garage always when it’s cold and the spanner lets go and leaves you with a smashed and/or grazed knuckles, which rate right up there on the ‘excruciating scale’ with stubbing your toe or hitting your elbow!

If you do manage to avoid minor injury it is often a very slow job that can run the risk of rounding off heads and the like, while often there just isn’t space to fit a socket and ease the task with a ratchet. Annoying isn’t it?

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Dart Heads has just announced their ‘LS Next’ bottom end for GM LS engines, which is the first significant aftermarket bottom end change for the LS series to hit the shelves.

It gets rid of the ‘Y-block’ design and replaces it with standard four-bolt main caps and sump and eliminates the potential for troubles with the LS’ separated crankcase bays, while windage is reduced too giving more power as a result. At the same time, Dart has strengthened the main webs, enlarged the cylinder barrels by .375in.

The iron-block is cast in the USA and more information on this and the company’s More >


Maryland, USA-based V8 engine builder, Mark McKeown of McKeown Motorsport Engineering has just announced what are claimed as the world’s first Ford Cleveland V8 crate engines.

MME Cleveland 2K is available in ‘strengths’ between 525-625bhp in 850cfm carburettor form or with electronic fuel injection with balanced crank and uprated oil system. It retails at $11,999 (approx. £7679 at time of writing).

Meanwhile, Titus Ultimate Street version kicks out 640bhp and features CHI induction and is bored to 408ci and retails at $17,750 (approx. £11,360 at the time of writing).

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In less than a year 3J Driveline has made quite an impact on the transmission market with their range of gears, gearboxes, driveshafts and NXG -LSDs. Refusing to compromise on what they call ‘quality for profit’ has earned them a good reputation and satisfied client base.

Now, ‘3J’ has added an exciting new range of gearbox main casings, lids, front covers and differential carriers, cast in steel, alloy and magnesium, to complement their expanding product line-up.

3J managing director, Dan Jones, commented: “The past year has been phenomenal. The plan to deliver high quality, fresh, improved product with an excellent technical and customer More >


Spray carpet glue is pretty useful stuff in the home, and you might think it’s equally useful in the car for fixing carpets, upholstery, head-linings etc.

Unfortunately the first time you leave your newly-trimmed car out in the sun you’ll find out why it isn’t suitable. The temperatures reached in a car in sunshine will make the spray glue ‘let go’ and all your new trim will peel or fall off.

This is where Design Engineering’s Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive comes into its own and is designed to provide a secure, high-strength bond to almost any surface within minutes – a full bond More >


Leading tool manufacturer, Facom, has announced a brand new range of air-driven impact wrenches.

Impact wrenches have a multitude of uses across a variety of sectors. Recognising that different industries have suitably different needs, Facom has produced an array of new air-driven impact wrenches, available with a choice of either aluminium, composite or titanium shell designs. Industries and applications covered include automotive and industrial; marine; building and construction; heavy goods vehicles and rail transport, to name but a few.

Grouped into four categories based on drive size: 3/8in, ½in, ¾in and 1in, the new impact wrenches are available in a number of More >


This professional oil funnel from Laser Tools (part no: 5551) is designed to effectively seal onto the engine’s oil filler aperture thus avoiding spillage onto the cam cover, engine block or exhaust manifold and has a one litre capacity.

Also available is the Oil Filler Kit (part no: 5542), which includes four additional adaptors and a useful extension piece that allows access when the oil filler cap is under the scuttle.

Saves time and provides a clean, professional solution.

The one-litre funnel (5551) is available now at a retail price of £53.95 inc VAT and the Oil Filler Kit (5542) at £179.99 inc More >


Wolfrace, one of the UK’s best known alloy wheel brands is pleased to announce the release of two new Wolfrace TrackReady alloy wheels developed with Tony Gilham Racing Team HARD BTCC and VW Racing Cup teams.

One of the new Wolfrace TrackReady wheels an association between the iconic wheel brand and BTCC team, Tony Gilham Racing

Following a long development process together with Tony Gilham Racing Limited, Wolfrace launch the new Wolfrace TrackReady Pro-Lite Eco 2 and Ultra-Lite Eco 2 alloy wheels.

“The knowledge and expertise that Tony and his staff have been able to bring to the Wolfrace TrackReady project has been More >


KwixUk has found the answer to your coil straightening prayers, they have designed and patented the world first efficient hand-held tube straightening tool, which can easily and accurately straighten tube from a coil.

Matthew Murphy founder and inventor of Kwix UK has been in the plumbing and gas business for 19-years. When, one day, five years ago while trying to fit a heating system, he noticed that the pipe wasn’t fitting through holes properly because it was all twisted. He got an idea…

The revolutionary and affordable tool (RRP £21.50) will straighten all types of light wall coiled tubing such as copper, More >


Ideal for trackdays and racing purposes, B-G Racing’s Quick Lift Jacks have been designed with durability and ease of use in mind.

All feature a very low closed height that can locate beneath the differential and front and rear chassis members without fouling spoilers or aprons.

The Rally/Saloon version is ideal for full bodied cars used for rallying, touring cars series, classic car racing or just lowered street cars on a trackday. The jacks will lift the vehicle to a fixed height in one swift movement with minimal effort thanks to an extra-long operating handle that provides exceptional leverage and is shaped More >