Vortex Automotive is celebrating after receiving build approval from the New Zealand authorities after a prolonged vehicle assessment phase. The first kit departs to its eager customer very soon.

In other news for the company, the first left-hand drive Vortex GTR will soon to be on the road in the Czech Republic and the company will also feature as the ‘hero’ car on a BBC TV CBBC programme ‘Celbrity Driving Academy’ due to air in early 2014.

The latest issue of tkc mag (Sept/Oct) features an update on the exciting all-new V2, which also be at next weekend’s Peter James Insurance totalkitcar LIVE at More >


Caterham Cars’ new entry-level Seven has been unveiled in prototype concept form at this week’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Ahead of the show, Caterham revealed more details about the variant of the iconic Seven that will provide an accessible new entry point to the current range with a target of €25,000.

The car will be called the Caterham Seven 165, a reference primarily to the confirmed 80hp produced by the 660cc, three-cylinder, turbocharged Suzuki K6A engine after enhancements made by the Caterham Group’s engineering consultancy, Caterham Technology & Innovation (CTI).

The number five at the end of the car’s moniker signifies that the vehicle More >


Former Caterham Cars sales director and good friend of tkc mag/totalkitcar, Andy Noble, has launched his new venture, Sevens and Classics Ltd. Andy takes up the story…”Sevens and Classics Limited was founded to provide our customers with a wide choice of quality Sevens and Classics, backed up by a professional, passionate and reliable service. Our aim is to exceed our customers’ expectations whenever possible, offering a relaxed and entertaining environment. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or just take a look around our busy showroom, you will always find a welcoming atmosphere at our Tonbridge location.

Not many understand the More >


Those innovative purveyors of handy and effective automotive products, Frost Automotive Restoration, has been at it again with another excellent new product, called Liquid Wrap.

It’s a flexible liquid coating applied in multiple coats that can be used wherever you choose to give a fresh, new look and a protective layer at the same time.

Designed to be sprayed-on and thinners aren’t required to give an air-brushed-type result. We used it on our Project OMG. At the rear of the car, just above the exhaust and visible through the rear venturi is an unsightly heatshield. Every time I looked at it, the More >


J-B Weld, America’s most famous range of bonds and adhesives for the automotive industry, is now available in the UK via Automotive Brands, perhaps best known for its innovative quick-fix head gasket repair system, Steel Seal.

“Whatever the repair, from fixing a leaking radiator to bodywork restoration – there is a J-B Weld product designed for it,” says Graham Hollis, Automotive Brands Sales Manager.

“It’s a remarkable brand and we’re proud to be the UK distributors,” he continued.

J-B Weld products offer an excellent temporary fix for a wide range of automotive problems such as leaking cooling systems or expansion tanks.

It is critical More >


Scholl Concepts NEO Polymer Protection is a 6-in-1 product – providing resistance to environmental fallout on virtually all vehicle surfaces including paintwork, glass, plastics, vinyl, rubber and chrome.

Its highly innovative polymer formula leaves treated surfaces with a semi-gloss and sealed finish that will last for many months. Applying NEO will refresh and revitalise weathered and faded surfaces and protect against atmospheric conditions.

NEO Polymer Protection can also be used under the bonnet and on suitable interior surfaces. It is bodyshop-friendly (hydrocarbon and silicone oil-free) and can even be applied to wet surfaces.

NEO can be applied by hand or by machine. For manual More >


New Aluminium Billet Pedal version (V2) from Optimum Balance Products is sure to appeal to kitcar enthusiasts.

The original version has proven very popular already but the Cambridgeshire company that is proud to say ‘Made in England’ has enhanced the pedal box with a unique pedal design and the three pedals adjust up and down and from side-to-side.

The accelerator linkage has also been upgraded with a high-grade aluminium ball-joint that delivers reliable and accurate inputs that should withstand any tough conditions you can throw at it. While obp’s engineers were at it they also amended the accelerator’s return spring.

All-in-all this is More >


The B-G Slim Line Quick Release enables the user to remove and/or replace a steering wheel with a push of a button and a twist, and has the advantage of being just 26mm in depth.  That’s half the depth of the standard Quick Release, making this device suitable when the distance between the driver and the steering wheel is critical.

It is produced from the highest quality aluminium for maximum durability, and features a push pin and twist lock system to prevent unintentional unlocking.

The B-G Slim Line Steering Wheel Quick Release System is compatible with most aftermarket steering wheels including those More >


The Momo Quantum is a cutting edge alloy wheel with ultra-modern spokes leading to a dished centre featuring a MOMO Italy centre cap. Available in matt anthracite and in four or five-stud fitments from 15in to 19in, with run-flat compatability in 18- and 19in sizes.

Prices start at £103.99 inc. VAT for 15in ranging to £153 inc. VAT for 19in with various offsets and PCDs available. For more details visit or 01268 764 411 ENDS.


Regular kitcar showgoers may have noticed the re-appearance this season of the Healy (their spelling not ours!) Enigma, which first hit the scene in 2006 before disappearing again.

The team behind the car, Martin Williamson (original importer of the Sebring International range to the UK, back in the day), Mick Snell and Joe Lamberti have been busy re-inventing it, converting it from the original Ford Granada mechanicals and Ford Cologne V6 power to Mazda MX-5 mechanicals.

Although Joe has taken a step-back, it was he who originally approached MG Rover with the idea resulting in board-level meetings with a view to making More >