High performance engines can produce extreme heat that can put spark plug boots and wires at risk.

With excessive heat generated from the exhaust manifold and headers or a nearby turbocharger the ignition system can be vulnerable to potential burning, hardening and cracking of ignition wires and boots, which could lead to arching, engine misfire and a potential ignition system failure.

DEI’s Titanium Spark Plug Boot Protectors are the latest in thermal protection technology and the ‘boots’ are developed from a unique material mined by Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble from lava rock. OK, maybe I made the Fred and Barney bit More >


The new Folding Utility Work Station from B-G Racing is a must-have product for all workshops with its multi-functioning capabilities.

The work-station incorporates a tray on the top to hold a small selection of tools, a paper roll holder, a waste bin bag holder and an area for a 300mm x 400mm Euro bin to be fitted and store your consumables.

The ‘station’ is fitted with 75mm diameter wheels that allow ease of movement around the garage or workshop, while the folding design makes transportation of the work station easy and keeps storage space to a minimum.

Manufactured from high-grade mild steel with More >


Ideal for use on lowered vehicles such as kitcars and racecars, these new Low Rise Vehicle Ramps from Brown & Geeson Ltd, allow for easier and safer access for trolley jacks to the underside of such cars.

Produced from durable black Polypropylene (PP) and sold in pairs they are considerably less expensive than some metal ones available on the market.

They retail at £54.99 inc VAT and re available at the other end of 01268 764 411 or via ENDS.


Based in Horley near Gatwick, Let’s Race, is the UK’s first and the owner’s claim, most advanced full motion F1 simulator centre.

Their professional race car simulators feature a booming sounds system, creating an a very unique atmosphere. Their F1 model offers speeds of up to 200mph to give a real rush while developing enough downforce to keep racers flying round the track when they hit trick corners.

Let’s Race’s blacked-out sim room comes alive while spectators can sit in the grandstand to watch the race unfold making sure that everyone feels like they are part of a real formula 1 race. More >


In keeping with their policy of trying to offer as many parts as possible to keep your classic Ford engine on the road, Burton Power has just launched a water pump cover (star) to fit the Ford V6 Cologne/Taunus (and even V4 versions) engines from 1984-onwards..

The water pump cover can be ordered as part number V1173 and retails at £32.50 inc VAT.

A discount is also available if ordered online from with more details from 0208 554 2281 ENDS.


Facom has announced the launch of its dust-proof socket locking ratchets and socket sets.

The new ratchets are available in ¼in (RL.171), 3/8in (JL.171) and ½in (SL.171) sizes and offer precise control and total reliability in even the harshest working environments. At the heart of the new ratchet design is a double-sealed, maintenance-free, dust-proof head that protect the mechanism from liquid and dust contaminants.

The compact size improves accessibility while Facom’s palm control system, with its clever design and positioning of the forward/reverse lever, prevents accidental reversal while pushing down on the head, even with gloved or greasy hands. The addition of More >


Leading UK wheel distributor’s, Wheelwright, has launched another new wheel design onto the market. This time it’s from the AEZ stable and is called the Cliff. Aimed at a wide range of cars, this wheel sports the same ‘OEM-esque’ design language that has made the German-engineered AEZ range so popular.

An eye-catching design, The Cliff boasts an innovative and exclusive 20-spoke visage, made of well-proportioned pairs of spokes radiating directly from the centre to the rim. It’s a very different look at a classic design genre, and gives the wheel a nicely balanced styling that would work on a wide range More >


British Motor Heritage (BMH) has added the Powertraveller Startmonkey400 and Powertraveller Discovery to its ever-increasing Motoring Classics line-up of motoring accessories.


Startmonkey400 will jump start the 12volt battery of any 4×4, van, car, boat or motorcycle between 15 and 20 times, without itself requiring a recharge. Bearing no resemblance to the typically heavy, unwieldy alternatives we’ve all encountered, the Startmonkey is not only a lot more powerful, but infinitely smaller and lighter – 210 x 65 x 64mm and 1100g to be precise.

It is certainly ideal for motorsport teams and kitcar owners and is available in two versions – one that connects More >


Removing panels and trim from vehicles without the appropriate tools can be time-consuming and potentially damaging to expensive bodywork. With its latest additions, Britool Expert offers automotive professionals a range of cost-effective tools that speed up the removal process while ensuring that parts, fixings and panels remain intact. Clip removal pliers (E201201B) These pliers allow easy access and removal of hard-to-reach clips on bumper covers and liners. The jaws are inserted under the clip, and, with a squeeze of the handles, a positive lift action is initiated, allowing easy removal without causing damage to either the clip or the surrounding bodywork.

35°offset More >


Front cover star of the latest issue (Nov/Dec 2013) the RP251 has a new brother. The car’s maker, RPS Ltd, has sent us early details of the new coupe version, which remains based on un-loved rubber-bumper MGB.

As with the convertible roadster version it is still a body conversion and currently IVA-exempt and you simply dump the donor’s bonnet and front wings while the scuttle is new for the coupe as it differs from that on the roadster.

Similarly the rear of the car has a revised styling treatment and although the cost of both versions of the kit are the same More >