Mini Spares can now offer replacement dual-circuit master cylinders for use on the diagonal split systems used on 1976-80 Classic Minis.

These last diagonal split models can be recognised by the rectangular plastic reservoir, the small cap and the switch in the body casting.

This master cylinder has metric unions – order as part number GMC167 – and has a retail price £102 inc VAT. More from 01707 607 700 or via the excellent ENDS.


Jenvey Dynamics has just added a new, larger plenum to their range – the APLC-70 Turbo Plenum.

The Jenvey cast aluminium plenum has been designed to offer maximum performance on turbo and supercharged motorsport engines at excellent value.

The cover and diffuser pipe can be arranged in four different ways (inlet top or bottom and left or right) ensuring it will fit most applications.

All interfaces are ‘o’ ringed to for easy rebuilds and all bolts are outside the plenum for engine safety.

The plenum can be fitted onto four separate throttle bodies, a pair of TB bodies or used with any combination of More >


Now we’re in the middle of what passes for summertime in the UK our thoughts turn to keeping our engines cool.

DEI’s Radiator Relief™ is a high performance coolant additive that ‘supercharges’ your radiator by transferring heat more efficiently through the radiator to prevent overheating.

This coolant additive has been proven in the desert heat of the South Western United States, and will reduce your engine operating temperature by as much as 30°F (approx 17°C), reducing engine wear and improving reliability.

Radiator Relief is designed to reduce the surface tension of the coolant which maximises the thermal conductivity and transfer process through the More >


The B-G Racing Foldable Pit Table is designed for use in the pits, paddock and, of course, in your workshop.

Nearly one metre in length and 500mm wide, it’s big enough to hold all your tools and detritus, which will stay where they’re put thanks to the raised table edges.

The quick and easy folding design allows for easy transportation and pack-away storage. Manufactured from high-grade mild steel with a silver grey powdercoated finish and an RRP of £49.99.

More from 01268 764 411 or ENDS.


Mac Tools has introduced four new products designed to make life easier for the hard-working mechanic and enthusiast.

Pry bar (CPB42HD)

The new CPB42HD is manufactured from 7/8in steel and capable of handling the toughest jobs with ease. The 10in heavy-duty handle, available in red, green or orange, is ergonomically designed and manufactured in dual-composite material that combines secure grip with comfort. The pry bar is hardened and tempered along the entire length and the shaft extends through the handle for maximum leverage. A capped end allows users to strike the pry bar without sustaining handle damage and for peace of mind, More >


The ‘Tomcat’ steering wheel from MOMO features a sculpted, ergonomic grip section that delivers improved comfort and hold in a distinctive Italian style.

The wheel is the usual 350mm at its widest but has a shorter, flatter lower half for increased leg room.

The MOMO ‘Tomcat’ steering wheel includes a ‘Tomcat’ script on the aluminium centre spokes, a full leather rim and a MOMO horn push, just to let everyone know you’ve got your hands on something special!

It retails at £190.00 inc VAT plus you’ll require the appropriate MOMO hub for your vehicle.

More details from 01268 764 411 or visit their website: More >


Tyne and Wear-based ALS Sportscars, run by Andrew and Lin Starforth, has taken over the rights and moulds to manufacture the Subaru Impreza-based Murtaya, originally launched in 2006 by Adrenaline Motorsport to a cavalcade of dancing girls, neon lights and good publicity (well, only the latter one really, but you know what I mean!) until the manufacturer imploded in 2009.

It then re-appeared under a Devon company called Murtaya Sportscars, who worked very hard to re-establish the product, which let’s face it is a stunningly capable bit of kit with staggering performance and handling ability. Sadly, pressures of their main business More >


With the demand for specialist cars built to ever higher specifications inevitably higher insurance values are required to cover them. However, therein lies the problem as very often owners of such cars find it difficult to get adequate value insurance and indeed some choose to under insure in order to get on the road.

It's not just Gardner Douglas customers who will benefit from the new Canems ECU Immobiliser.

Gardner Douglas Sports Cars has teamed-up with Canems Engine Management Solutions to develop an affordable integrated tamper-proof immobiliser that locks the vehicle via the ECU. The system can only be un-locked by waving More >


Plasma cutters used to be the preserve of the fully-equipped professional engineering operation although recent advances have seen them become more affordable and available to the DIY enthusiast.

One company doing very nicely with their range of in-house designed plasma cutters and inverted welders is Loughborough-based PlasmaPart, run by Tim Buckle and Mike Spencer.

Visually pleasing range of machines with professional levels of performance that make work with metal a cinch. Once you’ve used a plasma cutter you won’t look back and it tackles conductive materials such as steel, aluminium and stainless steel with ease.

Prior to my visit to PlasmaPart I’d never More >


Superb new ‘plug ‘n’ play’ wiring loom from sVc, which is currently available for front engine kitcars, with rear and mid-mounted versions coming soon. A well-produced item that is supplied with all connectors and wires colour coded, offering a fuss-free solution to what can be a nightmare area for many enthusiasts. Best part is it costs less than £200.

More information from or 01827 67714 ENDS.