It’s probably fair to say that since it was launched in 2016, the Jenvey range of Heritage DCOE Throttle Bodies has revolutionised the classic kitcar market – as well as the classic car scene, too, of course.

The Shropshire-based company has been busy meeting demand for their range in the intervening three years but have just announced three new addition to their Heritage range.

First up, is a complete new Jenvey manifold and water-pipe designed to suit the Jaguar XK straight-six engine. The company’s marketing manager, Emma Jenvey told me: “There is a gap in the market for this manifold, which we have now filled! It is lightweight, beautifully engineered with a heritage appearance. It is needed to convert to fuel injection and works elegantly with our DCOE Heritage Throttle Bodies.”

The company has also developed a new big and small port manifold for the Toyota 4A-GE engine to be used in conjunction with their DCOE Heritage throttle bodies.

Finally, the Heritage IDF throttle body is the latest addition to the range. It offers all the benefits of electronic fuel injection while maintaining the period look in your engine bay.

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