I have to admit that until very recently I’d not heard of car care brand Tenzi from Poland. I’m glad I have now, though! A brand established over 20-years, the products are available in 50 countries on three continents. I like their mantra of ‘advantage through quality’, too. Poland is a big player in the world of car care, incidentally.

It was a friend of mine who suggested I explore their Detailer range. As I said. I’m glad I did.

We’ll be doing a standalone introduction to the Tenzi brand in the upcoming January/February 2020 issue of TKC Mag and also thanks to the diabolical weather in my part of East Sussex over what seems like the last two months, car care product testing has been, shall we say, trying!

However, that said I have managed to put two of the range through their paces, thus far.

Starting off with their Ultimate Quick Shine from the Tenzi Detailer range. The first thing that strikes you is the high-quality packaging and labels with ‘how-to-use’ info on the back of the bottle. Quality, eye-catching bottles and trigger sprays and colourful, informative labelling. What’s not to like?

There are umpteen quick detailers available in the UK. Some are rubbish, some are truly excellent, with most not really having a distinct USP. I was immediately struck by the pleasing smell, which put me in mind of mango or maybe even pineapple and it is very easy to apply.

Working one panel at a time, a quick spritz and using a clean, soft microfibre cloth simply work the product in. I used it on an overcast day and it seemed to ‘flash’ very quickly. The car’s surface was very shiny, but once I went over it with a second cloth, the gloss was very intense.

Added benefits with the Ultimate Quick Shine are the fact you can use it successfully on glass, while it also provides UV protection. When it rained (my, how it’s rained!) there was plenty of hydrophobic action! In other words, there were plenty of ‘beads’ in small, tight clusters. Very pleasing.

I was incredibly impressed with this product but perhaps the biggest bonus is the value for money on offer here. A 600ml spray bottle of Ultimate Quick Shine costs just £5.59! Amazing.

More from www.tenziuk.co.uk ENDS.