Winter is almost over (thanks goodness) and it’s definitely about now when I’m compiling my Spring ‘to do’ on my cars list together.

With a couple of magazine project cars on the go this year, one of the upgrades I’m definitely looking at is this new range of products from SamcoSport, the world’s leading manufacturer of silicone hoses.

They’ve just released a new line-up race-specification silicone hoses in their famous Classic Black finish. This is ideal for classic racing or upgrading your kitcar’s engine, particularly if it’s an older type, with something infinitely more reliable than the original rubber hoses.

SamcoSport silicone hoses don’t suffer from age-hardening like conventional organic rubber ones. So, no matter how long your car is left untouched, there will be no worries about perishing or leaking hoses.

A smooth silicone inner liner reduces drag on both fluids and air, which leads to increased flow and better heat transfer. This is something worth bearing in mind if you are working with a cooling system that was designed several decades ago.

All SamcoSport hoses will withstand higher pressures than OEM rubber hoses and have an operating temperature rating of -50° c to +180°c and come with an embossed ‘SamcoSport’ logo rather than the white one found on their coloured hoses and kits.

The resulting all-satin-black look closely resembles the original rubber hoses, making them ideal for maintaining the OEM factory appearance of classic kitcars and racecars while adding all the benefits and durability of modern silicone hoses.

Also available: For endurance the Samco Xtreme range of hoses is also available in Classic Black finish. They have a temperature rating of -50°c to + 250°c and are also super lightweight in design due to the use of specialised lightweight fabrics and advanced manufacturing processes.

A full illustrated list of SamcoSport Classic Black Race Parts can be downloaded from the ‘INFO/PRICES’ section at ENDS.