If you’ve got a kit or specialist cars running carburettors but want are thinking about converting to electronic fuel injection, the task has never been easier thanks to the new Weber Retroject Throttle Body from Webcon.

Essentially, Retroject is a dual injector throttle body designed to directly replace the Weber 32/36 DGV and 38 DGAS. The critical dimensions are identical including positioning of throttle lever and throttle rotation, so it will be possible to remove a Weber twin choke carb., bolt-on Retroject, add any aftermarket ECU and loom and a high pressure fuel supply from a Webcon WFP600.

In doing so you will then have the power, drivability, torque and economy of a modern EFI system on your car. It really is as simple as that. No messing about with new throttle linkages, new air filters or new inlet manifolds.

Retroject is supplied complete with two x Weber PICO fuel injectors, TPS, air temp sensor, idle motor and fuel pressure regulator. Thus a complete, bolt-on, EFI solution comes at a fraction of the cost and complexity of multi-throttle bodies.

The unit is ideal when using a modern engine in a kitcar and EFI is needed to comply with modern IVA catalyst requirements. It is also be ideal for off-road, marine and general classic car use.

Webcon has made the Retroject extremely competitive priced at just £478.80 inc VAT. (connector kit ‘ATB400CK’ contains all the connectors required for the components in the throttle body and retails at £31.14 inc VAT).

Available from 01932 787 100 or from ENDS.