news_jenvey_LS7Jenvey Dynamics has launched a new downdraft individual throttle body (ITB) kit for the Chevrolet LS7 V8 engine. The CKCT05T kit, is the first to feature the company’s new spigot-body design and offers the most compact downdraft ITB solution for the LS7 engine on the market.

“The Chevrolet LS7 engine is growing in popularity as a powerplant in race series and as a donor for sports and kitcar manufacturers, tuners and enthusiasts,” said Jenvey Dynamics managing director, Mike Jenvey.

“Supporting our reputation for innovation, we have provided an aftermarket induction set-up that provides tangible improvements to power, drivability and throttle response alongside packaging benefits. The new ‘spigot body’ is our latest innovation and features a manifold with no flange, to provide further packaging benefits especially for future crossover ITB setups.

Jenvey’s new LS7 ITB kit complements the company’s existing products for the Chevrolet LS series of engines. The kit can be specified with perfectly-aligned ports for specific applications, and is configured with 60mm taper throttle bodies with a 57mm butterfly or 60mm parallel throttle bodies. For height-restricted applications, 20mm billet airhorns can be specified as part of a highly modular set up. The design allows the fuel injectors to be fitted within the manifold or throttle bodies, which are available from 52 to 60mm depending on engine specification.

“Extensive prototype testing is underway,” said Mike. “As with all our ITBs, the LS7 kit can be used with a traditional mechanical linkage or our new, ETA2 electronic throttle actuator for enhanced throttle control. Additionally, extended aluminium air horns can be chosen for aesthetic purposes where the engine is a focal point of the vehicle; such as hot rods.”

All Jenvey Dynamics’ ITBs are designed, developed, tested and produced in-house, using the knowledge of over 25-years of industry experience. Components are manufactured using aircraft grade aluminium to provide weight and durability benefits against alternative induction systems, as well as the assurance of the company’s strict quality controls

The CKCT05T kit is priced at £2600. For further details of the company’s range of induction components, including its new ultra-lightweight series and ETA2 electronic throttle actuator, visit ENDS.