You may have heard about FOLIATEC®.com’s Spray Film and the product enables you to re-colour your wheels, accessories or even your whole car yourself at home. If you fancy a change or the film gets damaged, you just peel it off and re-spray.

It’s this complete removability that has made the product so popular and now FOLIATEC®.com has come up with a Spray Film Remover for films that are too thin or worn to be peeled off easily.

The Spray Film Remover is easy to use and loosens any remains of the film quickly and effectively. Spray it onto the film and More >


Mini Spares has just opened its new branch in York, which replaces its old premises in Harrogate, which it had outgrown.

The new branch will be welcoming old and new customers from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 2pm on Saturday (except bank holidays) and it is packed with replacements parts, tuning and styling accessories – everything you need to keep your Mini on the road or track and gain the maximum enjoyment from it, all under one roof.

Mini Spares North also operates its own separate mail order department as an alternative to the main London warehouse. You’ll More >


Eurax Ltd is now stocking Rustyco rust remover products from The Netherlands. These are rust removers and not a treatment that converts rust into something else.

It removes rust completely leaving a microscopically clean and natural steel or iron surface that is ready to accept paint or other finishes and it’s available in two forms: Rustyco Dip Just pour Rustyco Dip into a suitable container and dilute it with water. Remove oil, grease and any loose rust from the rusty object and submerge it in the solution. The makers say that the rust will float off.

There is no limit as to how More >


The ‘Sentry’ alloy rim from MOMO UK is now available in 20in diameter and is also Tyre Pressure Monitoring System compatible in all sizes to comply with EU regulations for new vehicles.

The wheels are run-flat compatible and can be supplied with staggered widths front and rear if required with many offsets are available making them suitable for a wide range of vehicles with five-bolt fittings and come in either black or hypersilver.

Prices start at £180 inc VAT per wheel for 18in size with more details from 01268 764 411 or ENDS.


With Electronic Fuel Injection more or less replacing carburettors it’s no surprise that Webcon – one of the world’s leading names in carburation – should be launching the next generation in throttle bodies.

Their Alpha throttle bodies have been designed and developed by Webcon’s experienced induction engineers to satisfy the needs of the discerning performance throttle body user.

Alpha throttle bodies have been proven in all levels of motorsport, from amateur trackdays to the cut-and-thrust of professional touring car series. They offer superb quality at amazingly affordable prices. Those prices are all the more incredible when you consider that each throttle body More >


Keeping your oil clean is especially important when your engine and gearbox share the same oil, so Mini Spares is now offering the Gold Magnetic Sump Plug to trap any tiny and potentially damaging metal particles that may be floating in your classic A-Series or Mini’s oil to keep them safely out of the way until the next oil change.

This extra strong magnetic sump plug is constructed from .303 stainless steel and houses the latest super strong Neodymium magnet. This is currently the strongest type of magnet available for its size and is easily capable of lifting a whole packet More >


Tuned and race engines put more strain on the internal components than standard engines and need an uprated oil pump, but even standard engines can benefit from having a higher oil pressure and plentiful supply of oil so it makes sense to replace the original pump with an uprated version when you overhaul your engine.

Burton Power is now offering a high pressure, high capacity oil pump for the SOHC 1.6-litre and 2-litre Pinto engines that will give a 23 per cent increase in flow volume and greater oil pressure.

The uprated pump is approximately 5.2mm taller than the standard oil pump More >


Rally Design is now offering a new range of steering wheels manufactured from natural carbon. The first time you handle a natural carbon wheel the stiffness relative to the weight (600 grams) feels amazing in the hands.

The range includes a 3in dish x 350mm wheel finished in either natural carbon, black leather or suede and also a ‘D’-shaped wheel, flat x 320mm in black suede and a ‘D’-shaped ‘Futuro’ wheel x 320mm in black leather. Prices start at £175.50 inc VAT.

More information at the other end of 01227 792 792 or ENDS.


September 13 marked the much anticipated return of the Marsh brothers to the renowned Gurston Hillclimb Course in Salisbury. Peter Marsh, who is the founder and MD of the Christchurch-based turbocharger specialists, Turbo Dynamics, and his brother Simon, are the sons of the late multi-discipline sportsman Tony Marsh.

Tony Marsh, who co-designed the Gurston Hillclimb Course in 1967, enjoyed a successful racing career, which spanned over five decades and included Formula 1 and Le Mans 24-Hours. His record six British Hillclimb Championship titles is an achievement that still remains intact today.

It was a long awaited return for the brothers who have More >


The recent Forge Action Day at Castle Combe may not have exactly broken its own mould in terms of show content, but when you factor in the impressive mix of track action, cool cars and aftermarket manufacturers, you could argue that following the old adage of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ was definitely a wise move for the event’s organising team.

This was the fifth year that Gloucestershire tuners Forge Motorsport has added their weight, ideas and industry friends to Castle Combe’s tried-and-tested Action Day format, and the result is a truly eclectic gathering that has become known for More >

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