The B-G Racing Quick Release system allows for fast and easy removal of a steering wheel from the column, making it much easier to get in and out of any racecar (and also makes an excellent anti-theft device when the vehicle is left unattended).

A master spline positioned dead-centre allows the use of the steering wheel as a reference point, ensuring perfect re-alignment every time.

Finished in black anodising and bright yellow powdercoating, this racing quick release system fully conforms to the latest FIA technical specifications. The system is manufactured from high quality aircraft grade aluminium with a hard anodised inner splined More >


Enthusiasts seeking a balance of pure performance and affordability from every driving experience now have a fresh alternative from manufacturer Avatar. The Devon-based track and race division of Marlin Sports Cars has developed the 250bhp 2-litre Ford Ecoboost-engined Roadster to offer road and trackday enthusiasts a responsive, involving, lightweight car that offers plenty of scope to adjust and upgrade during ownership.

The car made its public debut at The Performance Car Show at the NEC this week alongside sister show Autosport International.

Eschewing the handling and styling compromises of transverse mounting the Ford 2-litre engine behind the driver, Avatar’s engineers mandated the More >


Caterham Cars has introduced the ‘S’ Pack and the wider-bodied S5 chassis as options for the fastest road car it has ever produced, the 620R.

The new Seven 620S is the mildly saner, more road-oriented sibling of the ballistic 620R and features comforts such as a full windscreen, hood and side-screens, as well as leather seats.

For the first time, the Seven 620 can also now be specified with the wide-bodied S5 chassis as an option costing £2500. This version is wider and longer than the standard S3 chassis, providing an experience better suited for more generously-proportioned customers, with other benefits including More >


Got an email this week from Indycar designer and ex-Lola employee, Rich Howlett:

“An exclusive opportunity now available for a Lotus Seven style manufacturer to achieve a unique market-leading position bringing this award winning removable gull-wing hardtop coupé development to a worldwide market with their range.

“Designed and developed by Indycar engineer and ex Lola employee, Rich Howlett, this opportunity brings 20-years exclusive Intellectual Property Rights with all plugs, moulds and new sales opportunities ready to lead the progression of this long-awaited development and evolve the classic LSIS-style open top sportscar into an all-weather market-leading Hardtop Coupé.

“To develop an exclusive fitment of More >


If you’ve got a car with a soft top I think you’ve almost definitely know about the superb products of Renovo International. Their range enlivens, revives and maintains the condition of your car’s hood.

A faded, baggy old soft top can let down the appearance of an otherwise good car, but Renovo can help there too by re-colouring to an as-new condition.

Exciting news for 2016 is the arrival of not one but FIVE new products from Renovo International and I am sure they’re going to become equally essential as the company’s hood range.

First up is Carpet Reviver. Cleaning, reviving the colour More >


The original distributor drive spindle that was used on all A-Plus Series engines is now obsolete and no longer available from the factory or XPart’s.

However, Mini Spares has now produced its own version of the drive spindle, which is available as part number 12G3560 at £78 inc VAT and is suitable for 998cc A-Plus block engines from 1981 on, 1275cc A-Plus block engines with a ’12H’ engine number.

For more details contact Mini Spares on 01707 607 700 or via ENDS.


This handy kneeling pad from Laser Tools (part number 6407) includes the innovative feature of two rows of twelve surface mounted LEDs built-in – throwing plenty of light upwards when underneath or at the side of a vehicle.

Useful dimensions of 460mm x 270mm and manufactured from thick 30mm closed-cell foam, this kneeling pad is water and oil resistant and ideal for breakdown, wheel changing or general workshop use. Powered by three AA batteries. Particularly useful as a head-rest when sliding under the car.

One of these useful products that you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again it’s available now from More >


The B-G Racing Digital Dual Axis Angle Gauge can be used to measure absolute and relative angles to 0.1° accuracy in single and dual axis.

It features a large back-lit LCD screen, a hold button to freeze the display, a programmable audio buzzer, auto power off function and V-shaped multiple magnetic sides for easy mounting.

The digital gauge has low power consumption with a re-chargeable battery life of 40-hours. A USB and a mains charger are included in the kit, which is priced at £89.99 inc VAT.

For more details contact 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.


SECURLUX safety film effectively protects vehicle windows from forced-entry by containing the breakage. The safety film offers splinter, intrusion and UV protection properties and is already used to safeguard the windows of German government vehicles. In addition, the film protects occupants from aggressive UV-rays.

Unlike window tinting films, SECURLUX is virtually clear and is permitted to be installed on car front side windows in the UK (testing with a light meter and certification is required in Germany but unless your window tints are already only marginally legal, a police light meter check is unlikely to be necessary in the UK).

Foliatec SECURLUX More >


Omex has just released its new “Direct to Head” throttle bodies for 2- and 2.3-litre Ford Duratec engines.

The system combines individual 45mm diameter throttle bodies with the inlet manifold in one compact casting to allow the system to be installed in a confined space, thus making it ideal for kit cars as well as road and competition vehicles. The system is especially suited to early Escorts and Westfield type cars as the throttle bodies are short, leaving extra room for longer horns.

The fuel rail can be positioned above or below the throttle bodies or the system can be fitted with More >

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