New from Laser Tools is this cordless power-tool storage rack (part number 8378) which hooks over the edge of tool cabinets or other metal storage units and features a strong rubber-coated magnet on the lower support to both keep the holder in place and to protect the paintwork. It holds up to three power tools, keeping them safe and accessible and saving storage space inside the tool cabinet.

Manufactured from steel, this robust tool holder has a durable black powder-coat finish. It will latch onto any standard toolbox or storage unit that has a raised lip and is secured by an More >


Some years ago Merlin Motorsport designed their own simple supplementary silencer/muffler. It’s a round box that has a 4in diameter, is 8in long, with a 2in perforation in the bore and is packed with E-Glass.

Merlin’s technicians weld a short length of exhaust tube at one end and slip it over the exhaust. The end cap on the opposite side is tacked on with four welds so it’s possible to grind out the weld and repack the E-Glass. See their MERLIN MUFFLER here.

The muffler can fit over the exhaust, in which case they’d advise a slot which allows it to slide over the More >


You might find yourself fitting J tubes to your Type 1 engine for a number of reasons: to allow fitment of a performance exhaust, to bypass the heater system or to save money over purchasing replacement heat exchangers.

Up until recently, J Tubes were typically produced in mild steel, which as we all know, corrodes and rusts away. Fortunately, SSP saw an opportunity to help and has produced these J tubes in stainless steel. Now, not only will they remain looking shiny under your air-cooled engine, but you also won’t have to worry about their longevity from a maintenance point of More >


New from Car Builder Solutions is this Dash-Mounted (or panel-mounted) 15mm (5/8in) Brass Heater Valve with mounting bracket.

This item is a great quality quarter-turn valve produced from brass with a plated-steel mounting bracket with two M5 mounting holes at 64mm centres.

The valve has a rear projection of 42mm. a front projection of 25mm and a push-on knob diameter of 36mm.

Available now the item wears part number #BHTVD2 and costs £28.80 – more information from www.carbuilder.com or 01580 891 309 ENDS.


The brand new Connect Workshop Consumables catalogue has now arrived, and it features over 6000 products suitable for businesses and tradesmen of all disciplines covering: Electrical, Fasteners & Fixings, Trim Clips, Hose & Tubing, Abrasives & Cutting, Storage & Protection, Tyre Components & Bodyshop, plus assorted boxes.

The team of industry professionals at Connect Workshop Consumables work tirelessly to provide a complete and inclusive one-stop-shop, constantly sourcing new products that will enhance the range and offer the tradesman and technician the UK’s most comprehensive solution for workshop consumables. Cables, connectors, washers, fasteners and fixings, anaerobic and adhesives, trim clips, O-rings, trade displays and carousels, the More >


The royal-warranted car cleaning experts at Autoglym have released Air-Con Sanitiser, a deadly new weapon against micro-organisms lurking in the inaccessible areas of your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

With Summer finally here, many are reaching for that button for the first time in months!

However, a side effect of this inactivity is that moisture can collect within the depths of the system and if the system is not used for a while that moisture provides a welcoming environment for micro-organisms. Although unseen, this build-up of bacteria can produce an unpleasant musty smell when the system is reactivated and called upon to condition the interior More >


As petrol and diesel costs rise to record levels, Ring Automotive has prompted drivers to consider the importance of properly inflated tyres, which can affect their vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Rolling resistance of tyres accounts for as much as 15 per cent of a car’s fuel consumption, and under-inflated tyres can mean this resistance is increased as more rubber makes contact with the road.

Taking care of the vehicle’s tyres ensures drivers are making safe journeys but also driving efficiently, as the cost of fuel soars. According to research by UK charity TyreSafe, as much as three per cent more fuel is used when More >


Lucas Oil says that they have used decades of scientific research and product development to create Lucas Penetrating Oil – a superior penetrating lubricant that provides protection from the elements while dissolving rust and fighting corrosion.

The proprietary formula is fortified with powerful corrosion inhibitors to protect metal parts from the elements, especially wet conditions. The product features a unique technical formulation giving it the properties of a heavy-weight oil, and the penetrating qualities of a solvent, but with a thin consistency that allows it to work its way deep inside rusted bolts, bearings, chains and more to provide a robust More >


Have you ever wondered how your kitcar’s windscreen is produced? For many years the brilliant Peter Swan ran Pilkington’s Classic division on the Isle of Sheppey although soon after Peter retired Pilkington closed the facility.

Pilkington Classic was based on the Isle of Sheppey for many years, but specialist car ‘screens are now made at their vast Redditch factory

Peter Swan ran the Pilkington Classic factory on the Isle of Sheppey. A lovely bloke. His knowledge was amazing and he helped many a kitcar owner out over the years

Their mainstream windscreen factory is in Redditch and the production of specialist glass has More >


The long-established and respected online specialist parts supplier, Digital Speedos, has been acquired by Europa Global Holdings in its second acquisition in less than 12 months.

Jon Pullara the original owner of Digital Speedos & Vmaxbitz.com completed the transaction on June 6, 2022, in a move that will allow him to semi-retire after running the business since 2003. Jon commented: “It’s a great move for everyone and will allow me to ride my motorbikes and do some fishing!”

Wayne Roper, who saw his own business, Europa Specialist Spares, acquired by the group in July 2021 and now sits on the Europa Global Holdings board More >

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