The original factory plastic oil filler cap was never one of Ford’s finest achievements. It often leaked oil through the breather and it frequently came apart while removing it to top up the oil. It could be difficult to reassemble due to the plastic becoming brittle and inflexible.

Burton Power now has its own version of the engine oil cap which is made from polished alloy. It incorporates a filter mesh and is breathable, just like the OE cap, but without the leaks and tendency to fall apart! The Burton oil cap not only fulfils a function it also adds a bright styling highlight to the engine bay.

Burton Oil Filler Caps are available with an additional breather take-off as part number FP647 at £46.50 inc VAT, or without a take-off as part number FP646 at £36.95 inc VAT.

Ford used the same style of oil filler on a great number of its engines so the Burton Power oil caps will fit: Ford SOHC Pinto, Ford Pre-Crossflow OHV Kent, Ford Crossflow OHV Kent, Ford Taunus/Cologne V6, Ford Essex V4 and Ford Essex V6 meaning it will also fit the engines of thousands of kitcars!

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