I always enjoy talking to Vortex Automotive boss Chris Greville-Smith and finding out about tales from his previous life as a designer for a variety of leading mainstream manufacturers including Jaguar. He also created the best wheel design used on the MGF (you will know the ones!).

He’s still busy with his Vortex GT and V2 kits and Chris is busy readying a new electric version called the GT-EV.

The car will feature a revised chassis, new interior, mirrors and new LED light lenses, with anti-dive geometry at the rear.

This will use a reconditioned version of the latest Tesla Model 3 battery pack and Siemens electric motor.

Chris says that a range of 200 miles should be very possible, while he anticipates the GT being available with anything from 67kW motors delivering 90bhp right up to 250kW and a whopping 335bhp.

You can find out more via www.vortex-auto.com ENDS.