Webcon now offers a full range of in-rail fuel pressure regulators including a 0-5 BAR adjustable version. These regulators replace the most popular OEM types.

Changing fuel pressure is now as easy as removing the old unit and replacing it with a new higher pressure or adjustable regulator.

The regulators are available as follows:

Pressure (bar)              Part Number               RRP £ (inc VAT)
2.5 fixed                      WFR048                     £69.38

3.0 fixed                      WFR024                     £69.38

3.5 fixed                      WFR029                     £83.28
4.0 fixed                      WFR057                     £113.76
4.3 fixed                      WFR055                     £85.42
4.5 fixed                      WFR043                     £111.06
0-5 adjustable             WFR060                     £91.61

Available now from 01932 787 100 or visit www.webcon.co.uk ENDS.