I don’t think you can beat a good paste wax for giving your car the final blingy finish. There are some truly horrific ones out there but shop around don’t be fooled by all the hype surrounding some products – not to mention vicious pricing – and your car will have an unrivalled depth of shine.

This Ceramic and Graphene Past Wax, part of Turtle Wax’s Hybrid Solutions range is a combination of graphene particles and ceramic paste that together create a tough barrier against scratches, fading, oxidation and paint transfer. The green wax smells nice, too.

This is combined with Si02 technology that gives extreme water beading and Turtle Wax says that the product’s Patent-pending Graphene infusion creates a TIGHTER WEB OF PROTECTION™ that prevents permanent staining and clear coat failure caused by harmful UV rays

The 156gm pot costs £30 and is available now from www.turtlewax.co.uk ENDS.