You know how it is. You’ve got a small fastener that’s got a high-torque requirement, so you need a stronger driver than the standard ¼in. A 3/8in drive ratchet will fit the bill but you’ve only got a ¼in drive socket in the correct size. Now you’re sure you’ve got an adaptor somewhere? But where is it?

This new socket and bit adaptor set from Laser Tools (part number 7167) supplies a comprehensive selection of the most-used adaptors presented in a machine-cut foam tray that fits neatly in the tool tray. You’ll never have to search for the correct adaptor again.

The More >


Aeroflow continues to add to its extensive range of AN-fittings with some new Hex Flared Plugs and Caps for capping off fluid line connections when not required.

The components are produced from aluminium with a choice of blue, black or silver anodised finishes.

Available in sizes -03 up to -20 with retail prices from £3.59 inc VAT each.

For more details call 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.


New from Rally Design’s Blackline tools range is an LCD digital circuit/voltage tester.

It has 3→ 48-volt range (± 0.3v accuracy), displays live (red light) or ground (green light), a needle probe for easy wire-piercing and has surge-protected circuitry and comes with a 12ft curly lead with crocodile attachment.

A bargain at £15.38 inc VAT.

More from or 01227 792 792 ENDS.


Moss Europe has announced that it can now offer MeisterR coil-over dampers for the Mazda MX-5 (Miata).

MeisterR coilovers are one of the biggest names in aftermarket coil-overs for the MX-5. They combine build quality, good looks, and excellent performance, all at a sensible price.

There are two versions of MeisterR coil-overs: ZetaCRD and ClubRace. The former are designed for fast road use and use a softer spring and lower damping rates than the ClubRace, but perform very well on the road and are still capable of the occasional trackday.

The ClubRace, meanwhile, are designed to maximise performance with high grip trackday tyres More >


A standard Mini coil-pack can only do so much. When the compression is raised (as in most high-performance engines) or non-standard fuel mixtures are used the coil’s performance is challenged so something better is needed.

The Mini Spares Gold Performance Coil is totally different to the usual Lucas type and is generally acclaimed as being the best on the market.

It represents a massive improvement over the standard coil and yet is a direct replacement upgrade. It must be noted though that it can only be used on non-ballast type Minis manufactured up to 1982.

The internal components of this coil are completely More >


Sealey has extended their range of slimline inspection lamps. This version houses sixteen super-bright SMD LEDs and four LED UV lights.

The unique and innovative 360° swivel and tilt function enables the light source to be positioned in any direction and the exclusive patented design is owned by and registered to Sealey.

Each lamp provides up to 600-lumens through the adjustable rotary switch and a 1W LED directional torch. The slimline design with a minimum thickness of 9mm enables use in limited and restricted spaces.

It also features a single hanging hook, magnetic base – which allows hands-free operation – and a useful More >


Webcon has announced the introduction of a range of manifold spacer sets.

It is widely understood that increasing intake length can have a beneficial effect on performance. Up until now, the only way to achieve this has been to fit different length intake manifolds, when available. However, now the new Webcon spacers allow the existing intake manifold to quickly and easily be extended with the minimum of disruption to the tuning process.

Superbly CNC manufactured in the UK from billet aluminium, the new spacers add 32mm to the length of any 45DCOE manifold and are supplied in kit form with studs, nuts, More >


One of the most versatile tools you should have in your toolbox is a die grinder. This Air Pencil Die Grinder from Laser Tools (part number 7149) adds even more versatility with its ultra-slim profile and lightweight, making for great manoeuvrability and suitable for intricate work.

By its very nature, an air-powered die grinder is quite bulky and it’s connected up to a heavy workshop compressed air-line. However, this air pencil is small, light and compact; and it’s connected to the workshop air-line by 1.4-metres of super-thin and very flexible hose, making it easy to use even in really tight locations More >


This new one-man brake and clutch bleeding tool from Rally Design has an automatic operation that makes it possible to bleed your brakes without any help.

Simply fill the container and pump (working pressure 2bar/30psi), while the reservoir holds 2.5-litres of fluid, enough to bleed the entire system, suitable for use with ABS systems. The 42mm cap suits most European vehicles.

The product wears an RRP of £45.94 inc VAT and is available from 01227 792 792 or via ENDS.


The power of the re-imagined and the recreated is undeniably strong at the moment. Retro cars made modern is now a trend for any number of cottage industries turned massively successful businesses in recent years – firms like Singer for its 911 recreations and Eagle for its E-type re-imagining have chiselled out a niche in the classic car marketplace that’s almost impossible to better. There’s a good reason for the obsession as well – modern underpinnings with retro good looks makes an awful lot of sense – practicality with new age performance and economy…What’s not to like?

That’s only part of More >